How to talk about your weaknesses in a job interview

We know that during all job interviews, at some point, the question "Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses" will come up and we all know the positive answer, but when it comes to our flaws? Here is a guide that will help you talk about your negative aspects in the correct way.


What are our weaknesses?

It is easy to recognize one's own merits, as they are a source of pride for all of us, who among us don't feel competition for skills that other people also have. On the contrary, we tend to hide our defects, especially during job interviews, because they are socially rejected and hidden. However, our defects are not always objectively a negative thing, in some situations, they can be useful skills.

How can we transform our mistakes into strengths that bring us job opportunities? First of all, we must be humble and examine our consciences, identifying our weaknesses, which will turn into numerous job opportunities; let's ask ourselves which sides of us we don't like, or which are often criticized, usually regarding our character: are we too stubborn? Do we need more patience? Selfish? Too demanding? Once we have given ourselves an answer, it will be easier to face all the job interviews we’ll do.

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Make your weakness a strength

As already mentioned, our defects are not always negative, but our strengths can be seen in some circumstances. Let's see how the following weaknesses can turn out to be real skills: Perfectionism, usually a character of the most fussy people, who always want excellence in every little detail and don't accept even a crumb out of place; this is considered a weakness, as it can annoy some people, but in the work context it is well seen by the employer, especially if it involves jobs that require perfection and attention, such as the organization of events.

In this case, everything must be perfect for the customer and consequently, perfectionism is one of the most requested skills. Another possible advantage of more job opportunities is being too demanding, especially with oneself, this is seen as a weakness (mostly towards oneself) because it can lead to always feeling wrong or not enough, but in jobs such as manager or any type as a coordinator this aspect becomes one of the most important strengths because being demanding with oneself also means being demanding with others and in the case of a manager, having demands towards the team that one manages entails meticulous work and consequently an excellent result.

Overthinking is another weakness that can result in numerous job opportunities during job interviews; overthinking is a weakness because it can lead to anxiety and stress, but also to delay some issues because we are afraid of what our thoughts are telling us.

Contrary to what happens every day, this characteristic that some people have is seen as a strength in jobs that involve an evaluation of all possible and real risks, as in the financial sector, before any investment it is always necessary to evaluate every possible risk and the overthinker is able to bring out even the most negative but still possible situations.

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How to talk about your weaknesses

Let's see how we can talk about our weaknesses so that they turn out to be strengths and show them at the same level as our skills and talents. First of all, the attitude with which you present yourself will do at least 70% of the work during job interviews, as appearing positive, cheerful, and above all self-confident will increase your job opportunities, this will bring positive vibes to employers (or anyone is considering) and they will be more inclined to hire you.

So remember to be confident even when you don't know how to answer a question and to always be smiling and calm, even when you are talking about your weaknesses or even if you are very anxious.

Another point that will guarantee you many job opportunities is self-evaluation: being able to identify your weak points is frowned upon by anyone because this means that you are people capable of recognizing your own mistakes at work and improving yourself, this is an excellent one of the many skills you can show. I know you will think "If I say my defects I will be seen as a person to be rejected, so I prefer to say that I have no defects so that I can certainly be hired", this thought is totally wrong, because presumptuous people are not well seen.

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Turning your weaknesses into job opportunities

Your weaknesses can work in your favor during the interview and guarantee job opportunities. During job interviews, when you will be asked to list your strengths and weaknesses, talk about your flaws by placing them in a work context, making employers understand that your flaw could be one of your strengths; for example: "One of my flaws is that I'm a perfectionist, I fixate on the things I do because I always want to give my best and especially when I work on a project, every little detail must be perfect".

Furthermore, try to choose only 2 or 3 strengths and weaknesses (unless a specific number is requested by the person in front of you) and try to describe them in a concise manner, so as not to risk boring those who listen to you. If you want, you can describe the strengths and weaknesses together, saying for example "In my opinion, my strengths can be flaws in some situations, I often don't like the demands I have on myself, but I like it when I take care of projects because I get always good results and customers are always satisfied with my dedication."

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