Dealing with Gen Z in the Workplace

The impact that each generation has on the work environment is extremely important, their perspective, habits, and communication preferences depend on the world events they have had to overcome and go hand in hand with technological evolution. Each generation has been shaped by the experiences they have had to live through and hence they have had to adapt to survive.

It is very important to understand this because the workforce of a company can be very diverse, with employees with wide generation gaps such as Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Gen Z, so to maintain harmony and good communication in the workplace we must understand the tastes and needs of each group.  

Today we will focus on Gen Z, as they currently represent more than 50% of the workforce and are completely linked to technology, they do the job faster and with less effort because they know how to use technological tools, and they need to be in a workplace that stimulates them, so we will teach you how to deal with generation Z in the workplace. Stay until the end!  


What is Generation Z?

Gen Z is a demographic cohort made up of those born between 1996 and 2010, there is no single definition of the birth years of each existing generation, but a general range is established for each: 

  • Baby Boomers 1946-1964 
  • Generation X 1965-1980 
  • Millennials or Generation Y 1981-1995 
  • Gen Z 1996-2010 
  • Generation Alpha 2010-2025 

Gen Z is characterized by being highly influenced by digital tools an environment full of technological stimuli, and economic and environmental problems due to climate change; all these aspects have been defining the ideals of the population of this generation, so it is to be expected that their behavior in the workplace is different from other generations. 

Crystal generation

Communication with Generation Z is very simple, they love self-improvement, take care of their physical and mental well-being, respond very well to social and cultural diversity, and value respect for the opinions of others. 

They have been misnamed the Crystal Generation because of their concern for environmental issues, their sense of belonging, and their concern for the impact of their words and actions on others.

How does Gen Z differ from Millennials?

It is very likely that 80-90% of a company's employees are made up of Gen Z and Millennials (Generation Y), although these generations have similarities that must generate confusion, the differences are greater. 

In general terms, Generation Z is finishing college or looking for a job, they are uncertain about economic problems and when it comes to buying, they have prefer eco-friendly brands, while Millennials are a little more stable in their jobs and financially, they do not pay attention to the brands of what they buy.  

Gen Z tends to have better communication and emotional intelligence than Millennials and both agree that they spend much of their day on screens and are very good at multitasking in the workplace. 


What does Generation Z value at work?

Generation Z is not looking for a job just to generate income, they look at the values of the company, they are looking to feel comfortable in their work environment, so they look at the values of the company, that there is gender equality and that resources are sustainable with the needs of the environment.  

They are not an easy generation to fool, so they will not be persuaded by companies with dubious reputations, they are looking for a safe workplace that prioritizes communication and a sense of belonging with the work team.  Among Gen Z's top workplace priorities are: 

Remote work

Gen Z's work style is influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, they got used to telecommuting, organizing their own time, working while listening to music and balancing work with family time, without neglecting work goals. For them, flextime and telecommuting are non-negotiable; they are willing to resign if companies do not allow these work options. 

Freedom of expression

Gen Z is the generation that has the best acceptance of diversity, they seek to be happy even in the workplace, so they give greater importance to communication and the need to be themselves in the company without hiding their personal life, that is, they are the same person inside and outside working hours, they do not want and will not allow themselves to be repressed. 

This allows them to better express their points of view, have greater creative freedom to propose projects, staying motivated without fear of being judged or discriminated against. 


Lifelong learning

Generation Z has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, they are looking for a workplace that advocates continuous training, that guarantees the professional growth of its workforce, and that while working they acquire competencies and skills useful for the future.

How to connect with Generation Z?

If you want to connect with Gen Z in the workplace you must appeal to emotions and their strong ideals through a commitment to social actions and environmental work, this commitment to the environment will attract their attention and will keep them interested in collaborating.  

It is a generation that likes to be in control, so you must allow them freedom to make certain decisions, this will make them feel valued in the workplace, and of course, you must also keep them motivated and ensure confidence for effective communication through recreational events with the work team, outside working hours. Remember that Gen Z is naturally communicative, preferring concise but enjoyable conversational interaction. 


Finally, at Alpha Solutions we know how difficult it is to get committed talent and also to retain talented young people, so we are aware of the priorities of Gen Z, and their value system and as a solid company, we look for ways to make the best accompaniment in their professional growth with an excellent and outstanding future projection, always ensuring comfort and security in the workplace. 

This hyperconnected generation consumes content very quickly, and moves at a fast pace, which gives them an advantage in the labor market, they are also up to date with cultural trends, which makes them more effective in connecting with other people. They are very productive during working hours and are always motivated to achieve new challenges and goals, do not hesitate to take advantage of their talent in the years to come.

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