CHAT GPT. What is it? Why is it so revolutionary?

Maybe you never heard of this term, but I’m sure that after introducing this topic you will perfectly understand what the article is about and most of the readers have already familiarity in using GTP.

What’s a GPT?

Chat GTP is a prototype of a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence, but to better understand the chat GTP we have to explain what a chatbot is: a chatbot is a software that simulates human conversations, an example of chatbot is the little robot that helps you when you need some support on a website. So, Chat GPT, which stand for “Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer” and it’s the basis used for any website or agency that want to develop their own chatbot for their own customer support service. Chat GPT was developed by OpenAl, an organization that studies how to create friendly artificial intelligence, so people can benefit of it; it was established in 2015 in San Francisco by Sam Altman and Elon Musk.


Why is it so revolutionary?

This is an absolute innovation! Thinking about the most basic aspect, robots can replace human labor and do some tasks that many people don’t want or that they find boring, especially when some jobs require 24h labor and, of course, people need to rest. In this case, talking about the chatbot, it is fascinating because nowadays the robot is perfectly functional most of the times, it works well as a customer supporter and the best part is that it can work 24/7 without even a salary.

Also, OpenAl is an awesome organization and creating this revolutionary service is a big step for humanity; just think about it, in the future you can simply consult and talk to a robot as you do with a friend and maybe you won’t even notice the differences. But don’t you notice something?

Technically, you are already doing that or at least we are all talking to a robot for consults and help, think about Siri or any chatbot that you talk to when you need support on Amazon, for example: when you call Siri she answers immediately, and you can ask her almost anything and she will respond all your questions. Of course, we need lots of work so robots can be considered as humans without spotting any difference, but we did huge developments with artificial intelligence and the main utilities are already done, we only need to make robots more expressive and emotional, although I think this will be a huge challenge.

What can you do with Chat GPT?

This technology isn’t used only as a chatbot to have conversations, instead it’s being used in lots of jobs that do human activities but faster, for example: it can produce tests written without spotting the difference between a robot or a human’s hand, it can also translate immediately a text or a spoken conversation. Another important aspect is that this artificial intelligence is functional and important in surveys and social studies, in fact, GTP is crucial when researchers need to analyze social opinions and emotions regarding a product, this is functional because usually this technology constantly monitors our activities and opinions, simply by analyzing the apps and the research on our phones and by asking what we think about a service that we just used. It can analyze our data in a direct, constant, fast, and precise way, more than a human researcher would do.


What are the general fears?

Many people, even scientists, are convinced that this technology is bigger than human’s power and artificial intelligence will be so huge that it will destroy humanity. Well, this thought may come in mind to anyone and may generate some panic, but I don’t think that robots may take the control and the power colonizing humanity, as we seen in movies. Even if these robots may be seen as monsters and sometimes more intelligent than the human being, you have to remember that they are made by us and that they are made to look like us, so you don’t have to be afraid.

Scientists know how to handle the situations and they analyze every little aspect of a new project, so that they know every consequence that the project may have and to also know if it will be dangerous or not. The fear comes from the unknown, the human species are animals and as other species they are afraid if they see something that they don’t know, because they see it as a threat to their own species and they fear colonization from other animals.

This is a big opportunity for humanity, we have the chance to expand our intelligence, our activities and even our mentality, with the eventual possibility of improving and developing humanity.


Alpha Solutions and artificial intelligence

Our company is an example when we talk about development and modernization: we are great supporters of artificial intelligence and, besides the personal use, we enjoy the Chat GPT for every aspect of our organization. We think that technology is a great opportunity for every organization, which can use it to increase its services and clients!

If you want to know more about this invention you can visit the official website of OpenAl:

But if you are new to this world and you want to know more about every invention that led to Chat GPT, you can discover everything in this website:

We also have an example of how you can benefit from and learning English:


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