What is Synthetic Data: The future of Data Science and AI

Have you ever heard about synthetic data? If not, this is the article perfect for you, we will guide you in this magical world of artificial intelligence, but to do that we have to make an introduction about AI and how data science works, so you will also understand why synthetic data is so important.

What is the artificial intelligence?

The artificial intelligence (AI) nowadays is the main topic that everyone talks about, and it is the main focus of scientific research. We consider artificial intelligence every machine that can be considered a human being, not because they are lookalike, but because it can be compared in terms of capacities. In fact, the artificial intelligence has the following abilities: learning, planning, reasoning, and it can also be creative!

Of course, it doesn’t have other abilities that are only belonging to human beings, but it is a huge goal for our scientific research.

What is data science?

Data science is the study of data to extract insights for business, it is important because it helps in organizing data, which comes in a huge flow, and it needs to be classified so each company can analyze only the data that it needs and that is helpful to it. But why companies need our data?

Each data is a set of information regarding our online habits, our tastes, and what interests us to buy or consult. Now, I know that people who doesn’t know how data works will be scared about what we just said, but you don’t have to be afraid, because sites and companies collect our information only to give us the exact topics and products that we look for and that we are interested in, and everything respects our privacy when we accept the cookies on each site we visit.


What does everything have to do with synthetic data?

Synthetic data is like real data collected from our real habits, but the difference is that the synthetic ones are generated by scientists to create design systems and respond to all the needs that natural data could not meet. Also, they are created and used because they don’t need to respond to privacy aspects, being not collected from human beings. These data are created artificially, however based on real and possible conditions, because for example real data would not be sufficient or would be too difficult to collect, either due to insufficiency economics or timing.

Synthetic data has to do with data science because it is a tool often used in data science research and both are included in the world of artificial intelligence. It is like a system of concentric circles, synthetic data is enclosed in the world of data research, which in turn is enclosed in the world of artificial intelligence.

How synthetic data works?

Synthetic data is created by algorithms, which are complexed systems that have the job to calculate complex series of number, which our internet is made. Everything that we see while we surf the internet, visit any website, or consult our social media, everything is made of numbers and algorithms calculate these numbers and generate what we see, from a picture on Instagram or a post on Tweeter.

The algorithm is the same that calculated our tastes, for example, when you watch videos on Tik Tok you are always controlled by an algorithm, not because internet wants to spy you, but because Tik Tok wants to respond to your tastes and interests. Every time you interact with a video on your “for you page” (for example when you like a video) the algorithm will try to present you more videos of that topic or that content creator.

The algorithm studies real data and real situations to create more realistic synthetic data, which will be used to create efficient systems, and it will be used by companies for their studies on customers’ tastes.


Who uses synthetic data and why?

These data are used not only by companies who sell products (the main one is Amazon), but also by companies who are specialized in artificial intelligence research, especially companies who train a robot to recognize every type of face, even the ones who don’t exist yet. In fact, synthetic data is not made only of numbers, but also of images of human being faces, created to train artificial data to recognize humans faces. Does it remind you of something?

Yes, the facial recognition that our cellphones have in order to recognize us and unlock the phone, also Siri and other speech recognition systems are trained with synthetic data, when it is not possible to collect real voices.

This type of data is also made to avoid the use of misleading data, that’s because sometimes real data needs the interactions with real humans to be collected, for example through a survey, and sometimes people get bored or don’t have enough time to read the questions and respond truly to them, so they answer randomly to make it faster.

Who creates synthetic data?

We said that this data is made by an algorithm, but it is not a random process, everything needs human’s touch. There are many huge and important companies born only to create synthetic data; one of the most important in the world is Datagen, founded in 2018, which offers this service to anyone who buys it. It is specialized in generating artificial data not only for artificial intelligence, but also for virtual reality and computer vision. If you want to know more about the company, you can consult their own web site by clicking on the following link: https://datagen.tech/


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