The best apps for content creation

Technology and the rise of digital tools have transformed the world forever, especially the way we communicate and transmit information, thanks to digital content on social media it is possible to connect with people worldwide and generate an impact that allows us to stand out in a constantly changing environment.

If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, digital marketing professional, or content creator who wants to expand your online presence here you will find tools that will be very useful in creating high-quality content, always to capture the attention of the public positively with the proper use of apps, text and images for post, graphic design and video editing. Stay until the end to discover them!


What is digital content creation?

Digital content creation is a modern way to interact and engage with the public on social media or blogs, always targeting a specific audience since the same content does not interest everyone equally.

The essential idea of each post and all videos on social media is that they are of quality, that they provide valuable information that allows differentiation from other influencers or other brands, generating empathy and trust among followers. In short, content creation is the key to positioning in digital media.

What kind of content can be created?

There are practically no limits to the formats that can be used for content creation in social media, they can be audio and image posts, videos, or even just texts when the information is for a blog, however, each format has within itself many other implicit options such as:



Texts can be in blogs or descriptions/photo captions in posts for social media, as the content creation covers so many options, the texts created can be product reviews, informative guides for users, articles of experiences, and experiences in blogs, Ebooks, whitepapers, and more.


Images can be created by artificial intelligence apps or photographs captured by users or content creators, as well as video images, infographics, gifs, or advertising banners.


In modern platforms, there is room for all formats and one of them is audio, which is expressed in podcasts on YouTube or Spotify, interviews, audiobooks, and voice notes for statuses in instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp.


It is one of the preferred formats to capture the attention of the public on social media, especially on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, the creation of content on these platforms has reached the next level thanks to the potential they have to go viral and get millions of views. They can make humorous videos, live performances, tutorials, product reviews, travel experiences, and much more.

7 apps you can use for content creation

All the digital content formats we have mentioned above require the help of a series of apps that will allow you to make that content more attractive depending on the platform you want to cover, especially when it comes to videos on social media.

Most of these apps will greatly facilitate the creative process. Don't think twice and go ahead and use them to give content creation a try, one of the remote jobs you should try in 2024.


Currently there are a huge number of platforms on which to publish content, and it is normal for creators to have accounts on several social media, that's where Hootsuite comes in when it comes to managing content because you can do it all from a single platform.

Through this app, you can schedule posts on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, X, and Youtube. This way you can save time by not having to do it individually from each app, Hootsuite also offers valuable information such as statistics and summaries of the success of each post made.



Canva is one of the most versatile apps for content creation, you can generate images through the different templates available, with numerous pre-design elements that will make the creative process easier, you will also have fonts for texts and it will be easier to generate an impact post for social media, presentations, logos and any website.


Removing the background of an image has never been as easy as with this app that will make it possible to obtain an image without background with the help of artificial intelligence. It is one of the easiest apps to use, fast and almost automatic, and the best alternative to Photoshop to perform a simple task.


The issue of copyright in the creation of content is something we must take care of, so if you are looking for images to post on social media, blogs, or videos, Freepik is completely free and the best option, because it has a lot of images available without copyright. The use of this type of image will not only avoid problems in the long run but will also add more quality to your content and allow you to capture the attention and connect with the public.


For audio and video format lovers, especially those who plan to record podcasts, Audacity is one of the most intuitive and recommended apps, as it offers tools such as the elimination of selected audio fragments and any background noise, all for free and with open source. When you finish editing you can export the audio in its final format.


Artificial intelligence is a tool that cannot be separated from the creation of content in social media, this assistant developed by OpenAI can generate texts and understand natural language.

It will help you generate a draft, ideas, or structures for blog articles, posts for social media, or even videos, you will no longer have to spend hours thinking about what your next publication will be, you can chat with this AI assistant and get support in content creation.



It is another artificial intelligence assistant, however, it does not generate texts like ChatGPT, because Gemini focuses on creating visual content by designing images and videos once the user has entered specific commands to generate them.

It is one of the apps that makes the most use of deep learning technology, only then it can understand in detail what the user has requested and offer creative answers.

At Alpha Solutions we are aware that including any of these apps in your content creation strategy will allow you to stay one step ahead of the competition and will also positively influence your impact on the audience by increasing the quality and relevance of the content generated. If you already know some of these tools or if there is any other you would like to recommend, let us know in the comments.

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