How to choose the right staff for your business

Are you the owner or manager of a company and are you choosing your staff? Or do you dream of having your own company in the future and want to be prepared about hiring the right staff? In any case, whether out of need or simple curiosity, this article is perfect for you! Let's see together how to choose the right staff for your business.


Where to start?

First of all, the starting point is you, you need to know which figures you need, what skills each of your employees must have and what climate you want to create among your staff. Based on your needs, you can filter the searches and best select the people who will show up for the interviews.

Do you need a flexible team with people who can cover almost all tasks or is a strict separation of roles necessary? What does your company need, what skills are required by what the company offers? What kind of people do you want to have on your staff, their personality and their attitude towards work?

You will have to start by asking yourself a thousand questions and only once your ideas are clear can you start searching for the perfect staff for your company.

The company organization

Business organization is a useful concept for the entrepreneur to plan, increase productivity and consequently turnover and growth.

The company as an organization can be considered as a set of intertwined processes and systems, made up of a social part (human resources) and a technical part (support resources). The corporate organization has the ultimate aim of increasing the value of the product to offer to its customers. And for this reason, at all hierarchical levels, in all divisions, every human resource, from top managers to the employees of every single process in the company, must make the organizational protocols their own and follow them to the letter.

To prepare the company so that it can increase the value offered to its customers, it is necessary to embrace the concept that every department and system must be ordered, regulated, structured and organized. You will have to divide your company into departments, defining the roles and tasks in each sector; subsequently you will have to manage the tasks and the amount of daily work of each task and department based on the needs of the customers.

Each employee must have a clear understanding of their duties and the work to be done, but above all, each person must be able to work without supervision in order to be part of the staff; you will need to be able to trust your employees! The objectives and tasks must also be written down and each human resource must know both their responsibilities and their limits.


Don't stop at appearances

Know that your necessities are clear, you can organize your job interviews. The CV is only a small part of the person in front of you, it is a very brief summary of their work or student background, and you cannot rely only on their skills.

Your staff must be made up of people who are not only competent in their tasks, but who are also passionate about their work. Personality plays an important role, so it is advisable to also request a cover letter that talks solely about the person, which asks not only the person's merits, but above all their defects.

Often a slight pressure during the job interview can make you understand how much pressure the person in front of you can handle, a pressure that will often be present during the job. To distinguish your interviews from the standard and to best choose the staff for your business, you can also ask psychology-based questions or riddles related to their ability to find solutions or their ability to process information quickly.

Here is an article where you can find some interesting questions: 


Problem solving is important

Problem solving is the most important soft skill your staff will need to have. To make your business work, it would be ideal for all of your employees to possess at least some of this skill, so you will need to ensure that your staff are functioning whenever a problem arises.

It is also important that your staff can collaborate perfectly, so as to put each other at ease and find solutions by listening and taking every proposal into consideration. All your employees must be on the same level and each of them must feel equal to the others, so that they feel appreciated and free to express their opinion, in this way all your staff will be able to improve, do an excellent job and bring many benefits to the company.

You will be able to create small tests for your job interviews, in this article you can find some examples: 


Dedication is key

Dedication to work is fundamental, because each employee must not only know how to complete their job, but they must also love it. Only dedication will bring motivation to your employees and motivation will encourage them to always give their best.

To select your staff you can ask them questions about their interests, perhaps because they are related to their job role, for example if you are looking for an IT technician for your business, a possibly suitable person could have an interest in this area even outside of work .

You'll already know when a person is dedicated to their job just by hearing the way they talk about their skills, their reasons for wanting to work for you, and what they love about your company. If you want more tips, you can click on this link: 


Alpha Solutions

Alpha Solutions is an example of a company that has been able to choose the perfect team for its business. The staff is made up of people dedicated to their work, with good problem-solving skills and high skill in their work. If you are curious about the services we offer or want to read other articles on different topics, consult our page:

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