Strategies to reinforce efficiency and engagement at work

The world of work is demanding, and many employees find themselves carrying out tasks they hate or jobs far from their dreams, for this reason it is important to know some strategies to improve the engagement of each employee at work and consequently increase overall efficiency. If you are a coordinator who has to manage a team or an employer who wants to improve the relationship with their employees, this guide is made for you!


Reward and encourage your employees

The company reward would be a good idea, for example a cash reward every time a goal is achieved. This technique was introduced in the 1950s by Peter Drucker with his management by objectives (MBO). The main objective was to increase the motivation and commitment of employees by involving them in the definition of specific objectives.

However, this technique is not always efficient, but it could be an interesting experiment. Efficiency at work is largely determined by the motivation of each employee, therefore it is important to encourage your team to increase their dedication to the work and their commitment. Human motivation, compared to that of other animals, is interesting because it helps people set specific goals for themselves. It also helps them solve problems, change old habits and face the challenges and opportunities they encounter daily.

Therefore, it would be useful to organize several meetings with your employees to encourage them in their work, to compliment them on achieving their goals but also to motivate them and help them in the more difficult jobs. In the 2016 Work Human Research Institute report, 79 percent of respondents said recognition programs and rewards programs motivate them to work harder.


Creating a family

The members of a team must see the group as a family, not just as a set of people with whom they must work, consequently, in addition to work, the key word is trust. Within a team people need to know they can count on each other, and the boss must always know how to reconcile all the requests, all the different personalities and possible discussions.

The perfect team must have different people within it, people who complement each other through their character and knowledge. The diversity of the group will only work when there is balance and harmony, employees must feel at ease even when their opinion is contrary to the rest of the group.

The manager of each team must choose employees not only based on their qualitative qualities, but also based on their work in a team and based on how much their presence can positively influence the other participants.

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Safety first

No person will think about increasing the efficiency of their work if they find themselves in an environment that causes insecurity, so it is essential to first think about the environment and the services it can offer, and then think about work and its organization.

The working environment must give employees security, making them feel at ease. It is advisable to have reference figures, such as offices for human resources, with special services for everyone. It is also important to organize seminars that remind employees of respect for gender, sexual orientation and cultural origins.

Every employee must be listened to and understood, their needs must be taken seriously by managers, which is why it is also important to offer employee mental health services, such as a company psychologist or funds from which employees can draw for health reasons.

Stress is the worst enemy and every manager must fight their employees' problems together with them. Flexibility is also important; the free organization of employees will allow them to have more free time for their personal errands and to devote more attention to themselves. Every manager must pay attention to the working environment and intervene immediately at the first alarm bell, employees are more important than the job itself!

Customers are also important

From reading this title, some readers might think "what do customers have to do with the company's internal organization and work?". If you think about it, employee efficiency is measured through customer opinions and satisfaction, which is why it is useful to include specific sections on your websites that are easily accessible to collect feedback and advice from customers.

It is also important to have employees who take care of consulting the emails, collecting these opinions, which will be discussed during meetings with your employees to understand what changes could be implemented and the strengths of your team that you can still be able to strengthen, constant improvement is a great sign of a team that performs well and customers will notice it too.

Always train employees

The commitment also derives from the knowledge of one's duties and the results to be achieved with one's work, for this reason the company must organize training courses, to always update employees on the various company objectives, on any new devices and tools to be used in the work and on any changes to be made.

Obviously, these courses can be expensive, above all because the training requires both preparation and presentation time to employees, who often must take tests with attached feedback sections, all to find out if and how these training courses have been functional. If it is not possible to organize courses, you can find many of them online. The most important thing is that every manager should remember that the time that employees spend on these courses must be paid.

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