How to become a CEO

Do you want to become CEO of a company, but don't know how it works? Do you have a strong and decisive character, and do you want to work for a company, with the possibility of reaching the top? Do you have the grit needed to lead a team of people? If you answered “yes” to these questions, but don't know where to start with your journey, this article is here to help!


What is a CEO?

The Chief Executive Officer is a figure who is responsible for managing the company and has responsibility for the procedures and performance of the company. He is the one to whom the main decisions are attributed and is the point of reference between different sectors of the company.

He may be the same founder of the company, but he may not be, or he may hold various roles in addition to that of CEO. This figure is responsible for making the main decisions and is responsible for the performance of the business but is also the point of connection between all the departments.

When we talk about CEO & founder we are referring to the founder of the company, who is often also the CEO. If you go to this webpage, you can find more information:  


What is the difference between a CEO and a CSO?

I'm sure you've already heard other terms similar to CEO, for example, CSO, but you don't know what the difference is; let's see together the different figures that can be present in a company, because each person is responsible for a company’s service: the CEO guides and manages the company in its entirety, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) has responsibility for the company's technologies, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) deals with the financial aspect, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) manages the marketing part, Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for communication, Chief Operating Officer (COO) is the general manager of the company's employees, Chief Security Officer (CSO ) who deals with security, Project Manager (PM) manages one or more projects, finally, the Human Resource Manager (HR) who deals with human resources.

Obviously, these figures are present in large and international companies, while for small companies it is not certain that all these figures are present; but the CEO is the most important figure, so let's see better how to become one!

Where to start?

You cannot become CEO overnight, you will first of all need an education, for example, a degree in economics or management engineering. If you are passionate about these topics or already have a degree in the financial field, then we can move on to the next point: character.

You will first have to do a long reflection on yourself and your abilities because being a CEO requires a lot of determination, patience, and organization; you will have to manage a team, therefore have good control skills, and take care of all the company's projects, so you will have to be good at organizing everything that is the basis of the projects and managing each person on the team with their work. You always need to be focused on each service that the company offers, to accomplish all your clients. 

In addition to the projects, you must also check that every aspect of the company is in order, that everyone else is carrying out their duties, and that everything is going well, especially in terms of earnings.

You will also need to be a recruiter and select the right staff for your company, so be meticulous in the choices you make and be very careful during interviews. Here is an article that will help you choose the best team for your company: 


And now?

Now that we have covered these two points, let's see what the following are: Obviously, you will have to look for a company to hire you or if you are already hired, you will have to give your best! Accept all projects, especially when it comes to showing your organizational and management skills, and try to help your colleagues and solve their problems (many emerge in lots of projects, so knowing how to manage every unexpected event is a fundamental characteristic for every CEO).

Be serious, arrive early for every meeting, offer yourself for every project when you have the chance (even if it’s not in your services, for example, you can be also a recruiter when needed), and always propose new ideas to improve the company. Show yourself as available and charismatic, especially with your colleagues, who will be the first to want you as CEO.

Here is an interesting article if you want to know more: 

What if I need help?

You can get help from a human resources agency to manage your team, instead of hiring a recruiter or being a recruiter yourself; these agencies take care of selecting the best staff for you, they will do the interviews and select the best candidates, and they will always be at your service! Furthermore, the most convenient aspect is the possibility of having freelancers at your service.

A human resources agency has a lot of knowledge in the freelance sector and will be able to offer you sporadic collaborations with a freelancer who will make his service available to the company, only when necessary, without being tied to the company by a contract fixed. This will allow the CEO to enrich his team and expand the company's capabilities, with a freelancer who will take care of those tasks that are unnecessary every day. The team will be carefully selected, as will each freelancer.

The recruiter is a figure who can often be present in companies, but obviously you don't always need his service, especially when your team is complete, so it is not necessary to hire this figure on a fixed-term basis, tying it to the company; for this reason, the figure of the recruiter can be replaced by the human resources agency, which, unlike a single person, is made up of a team of people who are experts in human resources, who collaborate to find the best team for you and any service will be always available for you! If you don't want a recruiter and you don’t know which agency to look for, we recommend Alpha Solutions.

Alpha Solutions is a young agency, not only because it was born shortly before the pandemic, but also because its team is young, but still experienced and passionate, ready and able to help you in all your projects and aspects for your team. Alpha Solutions is the right solution for you when it comes to the freelance world, as they collaborate with freelancers who have a thousand talents!

Here is why you should choose Alpha Solutions for your company: 


Alpha Solutions

Alpha is a well-trained and prepared agency to help you in every aspect of your business. Especially if you are the CEO of your own company, which has not yet launched on the market, you can request the help of Alpha Solutions to create the website and logo of your company, getting help from one of the freelancers they collaborate with.

Furthermore, the Alpha Solutions agency will take care of the interviews and selection of your staff. Once the company is established, you can get help from other freelancers to manage your site (having articles on the site keeps your clients' interest alive) or manage your budgets, even monthly. Click here to find out more: 

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