5 tips to be more proactive as a Freelancer

Working as a freelancer is a trend that is increasing in the modern era where every advance in technology greatly facilitates the process of working from home, but to enter the top of valuable employees of the remote work team you must become a proactive freelancer, so today we will give you useful tips so you have the opportunity to stand out in all jobs, and also position yourself as a talent to keep from the perspective of human resources.

Proactivity refers to the perspective of employees to assume responsibilities in the work team, taking initiative for different activities, basically eliminating indifference from their being, in this way the freelancer presents themself as a valuable asset for any company, and the jewel that every human resources agency wants to hire.

Think you're not proactive enough? Don't worry, we will give you the keys to proactivity so you can start developing this skill as a freelancer. 

Tips to be more proactive as a freelancer


A proactive freelancer is one who enjoys the ability to anticipate others, take the initiative of something, and take responsibility for the facts, you can be proactive individually or as a team, to motivate and lead.

Proactivity will always make you stand out in remote jobs, it is common to observe how modern companies and human resources agencies are becoming more and more dynamic, so they are looking for employees willing to adapt to changes and respond appropriately to them; so developing your proactivity will give you the opportunity to improve the attitudes in your resume and get better jobs.

Suppose you belong to the human resources area and you consider that your freelancer employees or remote workers are not proactive enough. In that case, these tips are also for you, as you can propose them to the team so that they can implement them and thus take the opportunity to improve team dynamics. 

Encourage yourself to look for opportunities

When working in a company it is important to position yourself as a talent of interest or valuable talent for the human resources team, that way they will see you as part of the group of employees worth keeping in the long term.

As a freelancer you should be clear about your responsibilities and fulfill them, however, this does not mean that you have to miss the opportunity to perform other tasks; part of remote jobs is to look for growth opportunities, find clients, build trust, and become an employee of reference. 

Remember that improving your freelance skills will also allow you to improve your work rates, although if you're just starting out you should do some research on what your freelance rate should be at the beginning. 

Be organized to improve your proactivity

Organization is a key factor within proactivity, they are practically proportional, plus any work team works better if its employees are organized, which is why HR is always looking for ways for employees to be organized not only with time but also with the workplace. 

It is necessary to be organized even in remote jobs, as a freelancer you must have your desk tidy, and practically impeccable, this will positively impact your brain and allow you to better plan the pending tasks, additionally, you must focus on prioritizing tasks to meet the objectives. 

Plan each task and set an amount of time to execute it, also take the opportunity to say goodbye to procrastination, the first enemy of remote jobs.


Keep a positive attitude

Being proactive goes hand in hand with being positive, if there are negative thoughts there will be fear of failure and this will limit you when showing initiative as a freelancer, in addition, the human resources department values more employees who are positive about the changes and stay motivated to perform tasks. 

This positive attitude is contagious to the work team, making the tasks to be performed feel easier. Focus on taking advantage of self-motivation! 

Make solutions part of your personality

Something that characterizes the proactive freelancer is that he stands out within the work team for his ability to find solutions, he never gets stuck in a problem, especially since these are remote jobs, so he is aware that there will always be problems that he must be able to solve remotely, so he takes the opportunity to focus on possible solutions. 


Additionally, it is an advantage in the workplace, since the human resources area sees this skill as a valuable element so that the freelancer can make decisions with caution and be able to foresee future problems. 

This aspect is favorable for teamwork since by being proactive you position yourself as a daring freelancer who assumes responsibilities and acts in the most correct way, which will Favor the work team and will allow the fulfillment of the objectives. 

Use technology to your advantage

Companies are constantly evolving, especially due to the unstoppable growth of the technological area, so it is to be expected that human resources will reach you through technology, and even after you are hired, they will value your performance by using these tools. 

You can take advantage of the opportunity that science offers you to stand out remotely using apps that improve your organization and the productivity of your team work. Some applications to increase productivity at work are very useful because they allow you to organize tasks, and schedules, or carry out projects and perform data analysis. 

Why be more proactive as a freelancer?


Proactivity is a skill that will make you a valued member of the work team, and it is one of the characteristics that HR talent scouts and agencies like Alpha Solutions want to find in their freelancer employees. Being proactive not only offers benefits in the workplace but will also allow you to have more free time by being more organized and efficient at work. 

Finally, remember that proactivity goes hand in hand with the responsibility of getting your ideas and initiatives to bear fruit for the project to be executed, it will also allow you to gain more visibility as a freelancer, improving your reputation in the environment and ensuring a long-term growth opportunity. Do not hesitate to start applying these tips and develop your proactivity! Only in this way, you will be able to provide a high-level and professional freelancer service.

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