What should be my rate as a freelancer at the beginning? Here are some tips!

Are you new to the world of freelancing? Do you want to earn some extra money by putting your knowledge to work on remote? Don't know where to start? Are you a company in Miami or a freelancer that wants to work with Florida agencies? This article is perfect for you, here is a simple introductory guide to guide you into the world of freelancing.


What is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is a person who works not as an employee of others, in a relationship of subordination, but offering his collaboration as a provider of a service and maintaining his managerial autonomy, doing remote jobs.

It is therefore a person who makes his knowledge and work activities available for various companies, without being bound by a permanent contract; the advantage lies precisely in the fact of being able to self-manage and being able to earn extra money at the end of the month, but this can lead to a real job, as long-term fixed collaborations can arise with some companies, while continuing to carry out some activities for other companies at the same time.

In recent years, the mass of freelance workers has grown all over the world, partly due to adaptation to the job market, partly as a consequence of the crisis, partly because lifestyles are also changing.

Obviously, since the freelancer is an independent and remote worker and is not bound by a traditional contract with the clients for whom he works, he will have to independently think about paying his own taxes, which vary from one country to another and consequently it is always good to find out about the legislation of the country where you work as a freelancer. 

Often agencies that deal with human resources are looking for freelancers to be able to include in the staff of the clients they work for, in fact you can be part of a list of freelancers that these human resources agencies will contact, in order to put them in contact with companies that require certain services. In fact, in the last years a lot of human resources agencies were contacted by companies in Florida, and thank to remote jobs, you can find work in Miami without living in the US territory.

Here is an interesting article that explains better this topic: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/f/freelancer.asp#:~:text=Key%20Takeaways,a%20better%20work%2Flife%20balance


Why working as a freelancer?

There are many advantages in working as a freelancer, let's see some of them: there are no times or locations, if you have chosen to become a freelancer you will decide what time to start working and what time to switch off. You can decide not to have an office and to work wherever you are; in fact, the concept behind the freelancing world is remote, as contacts with customers will be online, as will the activity that you will put to service, in fact these jobs are often carried out by journalists, translators, writers, computer scientists, etc. 

One of the most important advantages is the earnings, in addition to deciding your rate (most of the time), after a while you will see your earnings grow and this could become your main job, it is therefore important to have positive reviews from part of the customers. Remote jobs can often lead to complications, such as time zones, so you will need to be responsible in managing your time in order to meet the time limits requested by the client.

The last advantage we are talking about is professional growth, the service that a freelancer offers is often linked to a skill that he loves, consequently it will be more pleasant to work doing something that we like and over time we will be able to improve our knowledge and our experience.

This can help a freelancer gain experience and find work in the offline world, for example, or grow in the world of freelancing by turning this passion into a full-time job! There are many clients in the USA that you can find, especially in the state of Florida and in big cities such as Miami.


How to begin?

To help you, there are many platforms that allow you to work on remote in the world of freelancing, the main ones we recommend are Fiverr and Upwork; these will help and protect you step by step, you will be guided in creating your profile and you will be protected from fraud and traps. You will decide your own rate and can also collaborate long-term with clients who are satisfied with your work.

Usually, these apps work through a percentage that you will pay for each remuneration received, so you will not have to worry about this, and you can transfer your earnings to your bank account; so, everything will be 100% remote. You can also get in touch with the human resources agencies that you will find online, so that you have experts who will find clients for you to work for.

Here is a complete guide you can read: https://alphasolutions.pw/complete-guide-to-becoming-a-freelancer-in-2022/ 

But how to choose your tariff?

The first thing to know is that the rate you charge for your work can have a huge impact on the leads you receive from clients. In fact, it is advisable to have a low rate at the beginning, in order to attract more clients, also because you will be new to freelancing and perhaps inexperienced. Additionally, remote jobs are often paid differently than traditional jobs.

Writing jobs are often priced on a per-word basis, each of which is paid a few cents. However, some jobs are paid by the hour. We recommend starting at $10 per hour and increasing the rate over time, after gaining experience and positive reviews from customers.

Obviously, more complex jobs, such as website creation, will pay more than writing and translation jobs. It is always good to consult and do research regarding the rates that are usually set for the type of remote jobs you will carry out and initially it is preferable to accept the offers proposed by customers, as at the beginning it is more important to gain experience rather than a lot of money.

Here Upwork explains everything about this topic: https://www.upwork.com/resources/how-to-set-your-freelance-rate 


Freelancing in the world

In the USA there are many freelancers and many companies prefer to maintain contact with freelancers who do remote jobs rather than hire new people on their staff, especially if they can work with remote people from all around the world.

The figures who deal with freelancing are especially in demand in Florida, in fact, in cities like Miami there are many companies that need occasional services offered by freelancers and most of the time they rely on human resources agencies, not only for help with your own staff, but also to find freelancers for legal translation jobs for example or website creation, in short, all those remote jobs that you don't need constantly.

If you are a company in Miami or Florida in general, you can contact human resources agencies so you don't waste time searching for the perfect freelancer for you. These agencies will be able to choose exactly the person you need, who will be perfect for your business!

Here is a perfect article for you: https://alphasolutions.pw/miami-need-help-with-staff-management/ 

Alpha Solutions

Alpha Solutions is an agency that mainly deals with human resources. The highly knowledgeable staff aims to help freelancers and companies connect. He has offered various services to clients from all over the world, to many companies in the USA, especially Florida and more particularly Miami.

Companies require their help precisely in the field of human resources, therefore both to choose permanent staff for their business and to choose the freelancers they need for certain services. The concept that this agency works with is the remote, in fact they see an important growth in this concept that had gained lots of importance in the last years! 

If you are a freelancer who wants to reach more clients or a company not only from Florida or Miami, but from any country in the world, you can consult the website and request a consultation immediately: https://alphasolutions.pw/ 

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