What is the ideal space to work remotely?

Remote work is becoming more and more common in all parts of the world, especially because we live in an era of constant movement, evolution, and adaptation due to technology, that's why every recruiter of any agency worldwide takes into consideration remote candidates for their agency's job openings. If you are a freelancer who wants to improve your productivity, you can start by organizing the ideal space to work remotely.

Below, we will show you the best way to create an ideal space to offer your maximum freelancer capacity to each company, from Alpha Solutions we are aware that the right amenities allow freelancers to offer a better performance in their jobs.


Why is it important to organize a space to work remotely?

Organization is the opposite of disorder, it represents one of the most important human values and by applying it to your remote workspace from home you will notice how your time availability improves, and you will be able to perform your freelancer duties with greater confidence and peace of mind. 

In this same sense, the organization will allow you to be more proactive as a freelancer, because you can perform the same tasks in less time and improve your perspective in the face of adversity, also acquiring this feature will allow you to attract the attention of any recruiter so that you can get the ideal remote job in the agency of your dreams. 

In general terms, the organization of the workplace not only improves the productivity of freelancers as individuals but also allows the team to grow together. 

Create an ideal space for remote work

Remote work has brought changes in the world's perspective on the way of working, and in the process has done away with many stereotypes, as it has proven to be even more efficient in several ways, so no recruiter will deny your application for any job just because you are remote, Alpha Solutions is a freelance agency that represents the best example of this. 

One of the best things about working remotely is the possibility to organize your workspace, this will allow you to feel more comfortable and in general will improve your performance and that of the freelance team at the work agency. 

Get a high-speed internet subscription

The entire remote work is subject to your internet connection, if it fails it is as if you are absent from work and this could have a negative impact not only on the team but also on your evaluation as a freelancer employee at Alpha Solutions.


A fast internet will allow you to perform your tasks in a simple, fast, and reliable way, it will also avoid the stress that intermittent connections generate, you can also hire a backup internet service that you can use in extreme cases.

Select an area of your home exclusively for work.

Remote work bases much of its effectiveness on the efficiency and productivity of its freelancers and this can only exist if it is a stable worker with a work schedule and an area equipped to fulfill the functions required by the agency's project and expected by the human resources team. 

It is increasingly common for the recruiter to inquire about the freelancer's place of work, preferably one that is calm and quiet, especially for calls. In addition, selecting a remote workspace within the home will allow you to enjoy the same amenities daily, without wasting time organizing or gathering the items you need. 

An ideal remote workspace should consist of a comfortable chair, a large desk, headphones, chargers, your computer, pens, paper, and any other office supplies that might be useful for your freelance tasks. 

At Alpha Solutions we cover this aspect by offering our freelancers from nearby locations a physical space in one of our branches so that in case they don't have the ideal environment at home, they can resort to a safe working space. 


Take care of your health to maintain optimal performance

No matter the freelancer agency you work for, as a remote employee the only one who will take care of you is you, so you should consider taking care of your health to avoid discomfort that could alter your performance.  

An ideal workspace will comprise an ergonomic chair that will save you from lumbar pain due to a non-physiological posture and screens with anti-glare to prevent the high brightness from causing headaches.  

If you feel good physically and mentally you will be more likely to become a valuable member of the work team by offering your best skills as a freelancer, so every object in your workspace plays a determining role. 

Decoration is important to find inspiration

When working remotely you can organize the workspace to your liking, at Alpha Solutions as a modern agency we usually make recommendations based on science to our freelancer employees so that they feel better during their working hours and contribute positively to any team project. 

In this regard we advise placing a plant on or near the desk, which will help reduce stress levels and improve air quality. Decorating with motivational quotes or photos of loved ones and fun mementos will help make the workday more enjoyable. 


Paint the walls of your workspace with light tones

There's a reason why offices use light colors or pastel shades, and it's because of the distracting effect of dark tones, so the same principles apply in remote work - it doesn't matter if you're the CEO, freelancer or agency recruiter, the human brain works the same way. 

Bright yellow, red and orange are a definite NO when it comes to painting the walls of your freelancer workplace. 

Finally, at Alpha Solutions freelance agency we give great importance to remote work and the way in which the freelancer executes it, as this is of great importance for their productivity, a safe working environment is one of the aspects that the recruiter considers before hiring a candidate. 

All freelancers spend around 40 hours a week at their workstations, don't you think it's important to have an ideal space to carry out your tasks with the minimum of stress and distractions? Get ready to work remotely and apply our recommendations! You will notice how your creativity, concentration and communication with the work team will improve.

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