What are common mistakes when searching for a Job?

People often consider looking for work a simple action, especially thanks to social media and specific platforms, but there are some mistakes that they make. If you are looking for work, but don't know where to start, this article is perfect at least to understand which mistakes to avoid.


Not having a strategy

Usually, people need a job that will allow them to make ends meet, which is fine, but without a strategy, job searching will be stressful in the long run. Don’t start networking without having a clue of what to search, when you look for work, you need to organize your search: organize the different sources available, such as platforms, newspapers, and Facebook groups.

Once this is done, ensure your CV is updated, detailed, and truthful. Once you have researched the various sources and updated your CV, it is recommended to always present a cover letter, where you speak in a less formal way than in the CV and above all, talk about your qualities and not so much about your skills and experience (which you will already have in your CV).

Not using keywords

Once everything is organized, you can start the search, but the strategy continues; in fact, another mistake consists of looking for anything. You must be clear about the jobs you are best at because interviewing for a job for which you have no qualifications or experience will take time away from those jobs for which it is easier to get hired. Then, while networking, filter your search on various research sources for the jobs you are willing to do.

You should not apply for a job as a lawyer if you are not qualified, be realistic and look for what you are truly prepared for, what matches your cover letter. This is connected to another of the major mistakes, which is, having false hopes: even if you are qualified and already have experience, it is not guaranteed that you will find the job you are looking for, be patient, especially at the beginning and if you see that the filters applied for your searches aren't bearing fruit, so try looking for other jobs, without getting discouraged!


Relying on unreliable sources

Don't stop at the apps, especially not just the most well-known ones (like LinkedIn), there are a thousand ways to look for work, but you have to make sure that these are reliable and that these apps are searched for by all companies; don't look for work on the apps where only two companies are registered, but where many jobs are added every day.

Don't make mistakes in crowding your attention on a thousand different sources but take the most reliable ones and use them, especially the detailed sources, don’t trust little job information, because those may be scams or they may hide something, so don’t waste your time. Also, networking is your friend, browse the internet and social media.

Here is a site that you can consult to understand which sites are recommended for looking for work:


Not being sincere

Sincerity is fundamental when looking for a job, your CV and cover letter must be not only detailed but truthful! Don't include skills you don't have or languages you don't know, based solely on your previous experiences and what you really know how to do; don't be afraid of not having enough information or quality, the perfect job for you is definitely out there waiting for you! 

Other errors in this regard are made by those who create fictitious hobbies just to be interested or those who lie about their real interests because they are ashamed of it; don't be afraid, sincerity will reward you and many of your interests and personality will be praised in some jobs sooner or later. Here is a helpful article to help you write your CV:



Not keeping track

And once the requests have been sent, what should be done?

The biggest mistakes come precisely at this stage because many people wait to receive news without doing anything, but you have to remember that it's not the jobs that reach you, it's you who has to look for them and follow them.

Always keep an eye on the various requests made, obviously not obsessively, but at least once a day keep track of the jobs to which you have sent the job offer, on the various sources you have consulted.

Don't overcrowd the requests made, because you will find yourself having to do 100 interviews, which turn out to be stressful and unworkable, especially if you don’t find enough job information. Make offers, send your cover letter, wait, and if someone rejects you then look for other jobs, don’t stop networking.

Not asking for referrals

When talking about your past experiences, try to include references from your former employers; a good cover letter is not enough, it is often the opinions of others that convince potential new employers to hire you. Don’t make severe mistakes in your jobs, so you can have good referrals in the future.

Networking is fundamental in research because especially after receiving an invitation to an interview, it is important to look for job information to understand what the environment of that job is like.

It is important to know if the environment is not toxic, if the employer is a serious and decent person if the pay is good, and if the workers' rights are respected. It is possible to find job information on Facebook groups for example, where you can find former employees of that company or, if you are interested in working with the public, on TripAdvisor you will find job information through customer reviews.

Not improving

If you are in a period of unemployment and your CV does not satisfy you, try to integrate new skills into this or the cover letter; start attending language or specialization courses while waiting for a new job. Don't waste too much time on the sofa, but improve yourself, also to be emotionally more serene and productive, start networking for new courses on different sources.

This article is perfect for understanding how to improve once you get a job:



What else to know...

In addition to the cover letter, filters, job information, and networking, other mistakes may concern the search for new opportunities; don't snub jobs just because you haven't heard of them, through networking information on the most innovative and unconventional jobs, searching for detailed job information that can open a new world for you. Like freelancing, an undervalued job that is starting to become highly sought after; while waiting for a permanent job, you can sign up on platforms like Upwork and make your skills and passions available to anyone. Here is a recommended article:


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