The key to managing a remote team

Are you new to the world of business? Are you looking for people for your staff? Don't know how remote working works? This article is perfect for anyone who needs some tips to better manage their team, especially if they work remotely.


How to choose your staff

Before talking about staff management, you need to understand how to choose the perfect staff for your business. In addition to the various jobs necessary for your company, the employees on your team must have ambitious and strong personalities, capable of applying their skills in any context and capable of managing the most challenging situations.

Clearly, these are qualities that every company should look for in a team, but every business will have other characteristics to look for in its staff, based on the services that its company offers and on the opportunity that the employees will also give to the business.

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Human Resources agencies

But if you are unable or do not have the time to dedicate to creating your own staff, what can you do?

Don't despair, the agencies that deal with human resources come to your aid; in fact, agencies like Alpha Solutions aim to find the best employees for your staff, without you having to worry about it.

Furthermore, they will be able to help you with every detail of your company, from translating documents to creating your website. The key to the success of human resources agencies is precisely the trust they place in people, in fact, you will have the opportunity to have the best freelancers who will provide their services to your company whenever you need them, all remotely.

This happens thanks to the contacts that human resources have with the best freelancers from all over the world. If you want to know more about the human resources field, click here: 


How do remote jobs work?

Remote is not a new concept, but it has only recently spread in a concrete way in the world of work; in fact, in recent years many jobs have adopted this practice for their employees, especially following the 2020 pandemic. It may seem like a practice that is not suitable for all companies, but in reality, you should not be intimidated; we are used to a traditional idea of work, in which employees go to the same place every day and always work there.

This habit can be overturned and improved by jobs that are carried out remotely. Employees can work alternatively in the company but also at home (or in any other place); usually, the jobs and days of work at home are agreed with the employer, who entrusts certain projects and leaves total management freedom to the employees.

The latter will self-manage their work and free time, respecting the time limit for the delivery of each project and still having the possibility of communicating remotely with the employer and colleagues. Remote jobs give you the opportunity to have more free time, to manage your work independently, and also give you the opportunity to work in the places that stimulate you most, such as your favorite coffee shop or the bookshop near your home.

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How to manage remote employees?

The Internet is the key to better managing the jobs that your employees will carry out remotely. First of all, you will have to see who on your team has the possibility and need to work remotely, then you will decide who to entrust this method too and how to divide the days among the employees on your team.

Subsequently, based on the jobs requested, you will see which projects to entrust to the team that will work from home; for example, those who manage the company website will be able to work mainly from home, while an employee who deals with projects for which they will have to deal with colleagues will instead have to work in the office, as live cooperation is preferable with other employees.

Furthermore, thanks to video calls you will be able to ensure that remote projects are carried out correctly and you will be able to consult with employees whenever they need help. If you find it difficult, Human Resources agencies can help you manage your team remotely!

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Is it necessary to have freelancers?

Have you thought about hiring a freelancer or have you heard of companies that have done so? First of all, we must point out the fact that often a freelancer is not hired permanently and on a long-term basis, but rather establishes a collaboration (which can also be long-term) for which he will only make his skills available when contacted by the company.

For example, if you work mainly with companies or clients in your country, but in some cases sporadically receive requests from abroad, you can collaborate with a freelancer who deals with translation only when the need arises.

There are many platforms, such as Upwork, where you can post ads and be contacted directly by freelancers; later, after choosing the right freelancer, you can communicate directly with him and create a personalized contract based on the company's request, all while remaining in the app.

However, if you are not very familiar with this or do not have time to search for a freelancer, human resources agencies will be able to carry out this search for you. Some agencies already have freelancers to propose, as they already collaborate with them. They will also manage the freelancer's work for you, staying in contact with him and managing any complications that may arise, all remotely.

This will give you the opportunity to focus on other matters related to your company and another opportunity will be to have the best freelancers from all over the world at your disposal!


Alpha Solutions

Alpha Solutions is an agency that deals with human resources; collaborates with several freelancers and manages the choice of employees on behalf of its clients. You can have a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and you will have the opportunity to receive help from a highly specialized team.

Alpha Solutions will take care of everything else, with the aim of ensuring the success of your company and the satisfaction of your customers. It will form the perfect team for the functioning of your business and will put freelancers at your disposal who will take care of managing your website, administrative assistance, content writing, logo design, translations, and many other jobs! If you want to know more, consult the web page and book your first consultation now: 

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