Questions you should ask in an interview

The job interview is the first step to getting a job, there is no possible way to skip this step when it comes to work, so it is time to start preparing for them and avoid nervousness or concerns that could unfocus you during the interview and affect the result.

If there is something that all job interviews have in common is that the candidate comes passively to be questioned and evaluated, however, many overlook that they can also ask questions to decide on that job and if what the company offers goes with their ideals. It's normal to be asked questions, but also remember that you can ask questions of the employer.  

Stay to the end to learn how to ask the right questions during a job interview, only then you can give the best impression of a committed, interested, and motivated worker by being clear and knowing what information you need. 


7 questions to ask your interviewer in a job interview

The success of a job interview is bidirectional, it does not depend only on what you answer to the interviewer, it also depends on your interest as a candidate and the perspective you offer, so the interview should be seen as a conversation and not an interrogation for the candidate.  

Practice your public speaking before the interview, remember to talk about your weaknesses and of course, plan your questions so that you position yourself as a key candidate for the job. Look at some questions you can ask below! 

1. What is the company's future projection?

This is one of the most important questions, as it will make you look like a strong candidate with a vision for the future and who understands and attaches importance to the growth and fulfillment of the company's objectives. This type of job interview question also lets you know if the company has a space for you in the future in months or years. 

2. What are the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the job?


This is a question that has the potential to intimidate the employer or the interviewer since not many people dare to ask it, but it is imperative to get an idea of your chances of getting the position and to find out if the company is clear about what it is specifically looking for. 

According to the answer you can take the opportunity to give a more attractive approach to your profile and turn out to be the ideal candidate for them at the end of the selection process.

3. What do you think is the best thing about working at this company?

Don't be afraid to ask daring questions during the interview, this will even position yourself as a memorable candidate in the employer's mind, and you will be seen as someone with initiative.

Keep in mind that these types of questions not only serve to get to know the character of the company but also to eliminate from your application the image of desperation to get the job but rather to make the company convince you that they are a satisfactory place to work for your professional growth. 

3. What are the next steps in the hiring process?

If you want to project confidence and security this is one of the questions you should ask, as it will not only let you know the stages of the process, but you will learn what to expect in a matter of time and simultaneously project confidence and security that you did well in the interview and want to know what's next. 

You can phrase the question as follows, "I would be interested in knowing what the next stages of the selection process are before the company makes an offer." The word offer is key and is a better choice of words than saying "decision", as an offer ensures that what is contemplated is the signing of a contract. 


5. What training plans does the company offer?

This is a crucial question to ask to let your employer know that you are an ambitious professional looking to offer your services to the company but also to take advantage of growth opportunities within the company. Nowadays, continuous training is crucial, as the world is constantly evolving, and as professionals, it is impossible to stay isolated in a job without continuing to grow at an educational level. 

Companies know that they are more attractive when they present their training plans to candidates, to allow the employee to progress with the company and offer better and better skills. 

6. What is a normal day in the company like?

This is a two-way question, as it directly signals your excitement about starting at the company, while letting you know what tasks will be expected of you on a daily basis, and will even help you to determine if the expectations and responsibilities they are asking for are what you can fulfill and if you really want to do it. 

The job interview should be a sincere conversation, not just about getting the job with the right questions, but about ensuring that it is your dream job and that your skills will be sufficient for a good performance. 

7. Is it a new job?

If the answer is yes, you can take the opportunity to ask what led the company to create that vacancy, so you can know in detail what functions are expected of you, and what growth projection the company has once you fill the position.  In case you get a negative answer, you should ask why the person who previously held the position left and how long he/she held it.  

It may be an uncomfortable question to ask the employer during the interview, but it is necessary to ask it, it shows that you are a strong and intelligent candidate who is interested in knowing the difficulties of the job, and it will also let you know if it is a position with a lot of staff turnover, that is, if it is temporary or if it is a permanent job. 

A very favorable response is to be told that the vacancy is available because the previous worker was promoted, this means that the job opportunities for growth in the company are excellent and that in the long term, you could have the same destination. 


Finally, in an interview never interrupt your interviewer while talking, always be patient, and do not overwhelm with questions, select only the most important ones.  

At Alpha Solutions we care that our candidates have the best preparation before a job interview, remember that the interview is the time to resolve doubts about the vacancy so you will not be dissatisfied with the information once hired. Remember that the right questions will help you to advance in the selection process and to decide if that job is what you are looking for.

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