How to maintain your work-life balance without dying trying?

We all want to maintain the balance between our personal life and workload, something as simple as that, will allow you to enjoy the best quality of life. If you want to know how to achieve it, you've come to the right place, because we will give you tips and tell you in detail the importance of balancing work and private life.

What is work-life balance?

Work-life balance is an expression that refers to successful time management that will allow you to leave adequate space for work hours without intrusion into your free time.  

To achieve this, it is necessary to dedicate enough time to both aspects, it is essential to maintain this balance, otherwise you may notice serious repercussions on your mental health, since human beings are social beings, so it is not healthy to devote only to work, leaving no space for recreation and interpersonal relationships.


You can always give the best of yourself in your workplace, and organize your time properly to perform activities that allow you to clear your mind. This balance between personal life and workload is indispensable for your well-being.

Consequences of an imbalance between personal life and workload

Remember that at the end of the day, it is just a job, it is more important your physical and mental health, and if you lose any of these, inevitably you will also lose the job, so it is essential that you try to maintain this desired balance, and you will see how things in your personal and professional life begin to go well.

The imbalance between work and personal life brings serious consequences to physical and mental health, it is an emotional and psychological risk to try to maintain two lives and give 100% to each one of them, and can generate in the long term a host of diseases and ailments such as: 


Stress is the most frequent alteration that can occur; it is possible to observe it as an irritated character, and psychosomatic manifestations such as neck pain, headache, lumbar pain and gastrointestinal alterations such as nausea and vomiting. 

Stress not only affects the mental and physical health of employees, but also has repercussions on the company as it is the cause of 30% of company resignations. 


Burnout syndrome

Burnout syndrome refers to the professional burnout suffered by workers when taking on too many hours of work and various responsibilities that go beyond what is humanly possible to achieve in a job position. The most evident symptoms are chronic fatigue and decreased productivity. 


It is one of the most frequent alterations of mental health, it is not always linked to the balance between workload and personal life, but it is notably influenced by the presence of personal problems resulting from very absorbing work schedules and work overload that leaves no space to share with the family, for example.

Why is it important to maintain a balance between workload and personal life?

The imbalance between workload and personal life affects the mental health of the employee and their performance in the company, so it is essential that companies promote various strategies that allow employees to benefit in this aspect, leaving room for productive work time, without interfering with the time inherent in their private life. 


When companies and entrepreneurs take this step to promote work-life balance, they not only become better leaders for their teams but also act in favor of achieving the company's goals. 

Improves the quality of human resource management and reduces the stress level of employees by better managing and planning work time. 

Increases productivity by increasing employee motivation, which has a direct impact on their motivation and permanence in the workplace.  

Savings in personnel costs, which allows retaining talent without the need to increase the amount of salaries, there is a greater commitment on the part of workers and decreases absenteeism. 

How to maintain a work-life balance?

The right work-life balance benefits employees to the point of reducing stress levels, but it also benefits the company by making workers more efficient, with lower absenteeism and greater enthusiasm for meeting objectives. There are certain strategies that can be applied to achieve this balance in order to maintain mental health at an optimal level.  


When fulfilling your daily working hours it is necessary to disconnect from the company, turn off instant messaging and forget about emails. Technology has made it possible to be available at all hours, but in order to respect your personal life you must forge this habit of leaving work at the assigned times.

Let go of perfectionist ideas

Being outstanding at work, usually goes hand in hand with perfectionism, however, the greater the complexity of the tasks, perfection becomes impossible, so you should start thinking that excellence or a good job, is enough.

Exercise and meditate

In the day to day, you should leave space for these activities that allow you to appease the mind, at least one hour a day will make it possible for your parasympathetic nervous system to wake up and release all the stress from your body.

Do not waste time

Work hours should be purely for work, prioritize the essential activities and cross them off your to-do list. Apply this dynamic on a daily basis and never take work home, to maintain a balance between workload and private life, you must respect the schedules and activities of each.

Manage small goals in order to create a habit and you will notice how you become extremely productive at work, but without neglecting your interpersonal relationships.


Work-life balance allows you to maintain your mental health, and the desire to succeed professionally should not overshadow your personal life.  

At Alpha Solutions we know that new technologies allow our employees to be available 24 hours a day, however, our mission is to maintain work-life balance, always respecting off-work hours and providing recreational activities for all team members, keeping them united, loyal, productive and in optimal physical and mental health. Our desire to succeed is enormous but we do not neglect personal happiness!

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