How to become better leader for your team?

Being a leader is not so easy as it may seem, it’s a stressful job full of responsibilities and the smallest aspect can complicate all the work. For a right company development there are some aspects that every leader should follow.

Leaders are born from birth

The leadership depends on the leader, and a good one will make the team work correctly.
What are the characteristics that a leader should have to manage his leadership in the right way?

First, a leader is a person that must guide a group to get a work done, so the main aspect is organization; the group depends on his decisions, so he must be organized in order to divide the work equally among the employees, based on the skills of each one, in order to obtain an excellent job in a short time. He also must be clear and ready to answer all the questions that each employee
may have, “the car will be able to travel, only when all the gears work correctly”.

Second, a leader’s attitude should have the following features: calm in managing the most stressful moments, patience in clarifying any doubts of the employees, authority when decisions are ready to be made, patience throughout the teamwork, motivation when the work becomes difficult and above all empathy for the employees.

Third, time is key: he must know how to manage the time by studying the project and knowing how every employee works and how long each one takes. Usually, things get a different path from the expectations, so the leader must predict any changes that may occur during work, in order to not lose any second.

This type of behavior is usually something that a person has naturally, so a leader is noticeable from birth, but nothing affirms that a person cannot turn into the perfect leader although his personality wasn’t ready for this job position; the key is being motivated, if you really want to be a leader you will become one!
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How to manage stressful situations

This little guide may be helpful for leaders that are new with this position in any job, although a
right leader already has everything that is needed for a good leadership, there is still a need for practice and perseverance to improve one's skills more and more.

Especially when the situations turn unexpectedly stressful, any person could react spontaneously without being able to keep his emotions in check, that’s why only when a leader finds himself in
these kinds of situations, he can really train his patience. His job is to calm down all the employees so that they can overcome the stress and carry out the teamwork in the correct way, he must be the point of reference for each of them, because even the mental state of a single person can compromise everyone's work.

A good way to start is to take a deep breath when difficulties start to emerge. Also, having activities or hobbies that can calm down a leader are essential in order to release all the stress accumulated during the day, this is because the leader must appear calm to give peace of mind to his employees and consequently collects everyone's stress.

How to create the perfect team

There isn’t a perfect team that is right for any kind of job. Each component is essential for the teamwork and so for the development of the company, that’s why the leader must pay attention to each employee because a person’s negative behavior may be hidden and emerge only during the teamwork; on the other side, a person that doesn’t show pretty much anything may have great potentials in getting a perfect work done. The leader should test each employee, and understand every request, uncovering every hidden talent and trying to improve the negative aspects that could slow down the teamwork; every person has the right to have more than one chance.


Empathy is the key for everything, in fact, understanding every employee is important for the company development: each of them has his own interests and abilities and the leader has the job to let people do what they like, only this can motivate people to create the perfect project.

Another important aspect is the empathy among employees, each part of the group must know how to cooperate and it’s important that people of the same group know how to get along with each other.

Your leader is your friend

The first rule is that employees should never feel inferior to their leader, they should see him as one of them, only this way they will feel more confident in telling the problems of the group and the difficulties that may arise during the work. Also, the bond created between the leader and his employees can create new ideas for the perfect teamwork and the suggestions from the group can also improve the skills of the leader himself.

The team has to be seen as a family in order to have a serene organizational climate with communication forming the basis of a perfect leader and work
team. A good leader must think at what’s best for his employees among anything else, they always come first, so he has to get in the mentality of each component of the group and learn how to motivate each one.

A leader must be loyal to his group, people must always be informed of the decisions that he makes, even the ones that are the most difficult and stressful; pride is the main enemy of a leader, he must accept every suggestion or constructive criticism, because sometimes the team knows better how to improve the company development.


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