7 tips for integrating AI to complement your workflow

Artificial Intelligence is the new complement to optimize the workflow to the highest level, so it is positioned as one of the best strategies in business initiatives, and everything points to the future trend becoming even stronger.

There are more and more applications of AI in the workspace, with the remarkable element that practically every week new related tools emerge, so the smartest thing to do is to apply in the work area the advantages that AI offers. In the long run you will notice how your business stands out from the competition.


Tips for using AI as a complement to your workflow

The use of AI has become widespread, however, it remains an emerging technology, so we are still learning about it, to help you a little to apply it to improve your workflow, feel free to follow our tips and recommendations.  

AI offers the enormous advantage of automating processes through learning algorithms, improving the speed with which certain tasks are performed thanks to pattern recognition, images, voice and even problem solving.

1. Evaluate the company's digital infrastructure

Unfortunately, there are many companies whose IT systems are outdated, which makes it very difficult to apply the wonders of AI. For this reason, it is advisable to analyze the IT base of the company, always taking into account the improvements that AI represents for the workflow, such as: 

  • Creation of better products and services 
  • Optimization of time-to-market 
  • Decrease response time 
  • Mitigating risks  

Additionally, you must consider the resources needed to build the ideal AI model for your company, the costs, complexity and personnel needed to achieve it. 


2. Establish the use you will make of AI

AI is very broad, so before its implementation it is recommended to think about the use that will be given to it, in order to take advantage of each relevant aspect and deploy its advantages in an optimized way; take a look at some of the uses below: 

  • Natural language understanding 
  • Language processing 
  • Learning automation 
  • Chatbots 
  • Speech, image and character recognition

You can even look at how competitors deploy AI tools in their workflow to exemplify some uses that could be helpful in adopting AI across the organization.

3. Generate a large database

AI works with data, if the amount of data is not sufficient, the application of AI algorithms can lead to failures; you must also make sure that the data does not contain any typing errors, label errors or missing components. Remember that the essence of artificial intelligence is to analyze data, and it will only be able to do so if it contains all the elements for analysis. 

4. Do not be afraid to experiment with AI

To integrate AI as a complement to your workflow, it is essential to establish the monitoring and measurement of AI through a critical approach, in order to determine whether the results are in line with the objectives that the company wants to achieve, so that in the end you simply apply AI to the parts that really work. 

Similarly, you can use this experimental model for the detection of risks and problems that might arise, always staying one step ahead. 


5. Establish a training period

AI is new and new generates curiosity and interest, but you also need to educate to make the most of it. Making AI part of the work culture will be very useful in change management, and it is considered a crucial factor that workers know in depth what this new tool is about and how they can use it to achieve short- and medium-term objectives.

This training period will also be useful to mitigate the fear of job loss, and conversely welcome AI with open arms, as AI is a defining trend in modern jobs. 

6. Keep realistic expectations

This does not mean that you should be conformist, but the implementation of AI and its application to workflow is not a race, you must set deadlines to complete projects and learn from them as you go; only from this process you will understand the ideal way to execute AI in building models and optimizing business processes by reducing human error. 

7. Execute AI in customer service

AI is a great help in customer service, especially because it makes the customer service process not only more personalized, but also more effective and efficient; also improving the availability of human resources for other non-automatable tasks.  

AI in customer service is able to anticipate and solve problems before reaching a critical break point that is usually detectable too late with human workers, resulting in customer dissatisfaction with the user experience. AI will make the workflow fast and pressure-free, with higher satisfaction rates and higher customer retention.

Take advantage of the world of possibilities offered by AI

AI is a universe of productivity and knowledge with just a couple of clicks, in real time. This tool has an amazing and unparalleled capacity to collect and analyze millions of data simultaneously, capable of providing companies with an enormous capacity for adaptation that allows them to overcome the adversities that market changes bring. 


Currently, the focus of AI is not only the optimization of workflow, but also the wonders it achieves with customer service, a determining factor for user loyalty with the brand. Definitely, taking AI-mediated proactive measures ensures customer satisfaction and time and resource savings; AI will give you the opportunity to demonstrate commitment to advancement, technology and quality of services. 

At Alpha Solutions there is no fear of implementing AI to boost workflow, in fact, we make ourselves aware that this is a tool capable of improving the quality of service provided to clients, that's why we always try to be early adopters of AI trends, which are essential for freelancers, companies and entrepreneurs.  

We recommend you continue reading and researching about IA, as it is an enriching topic that for modern evolution will be useful at any scale. The applications of AI are practically endless, don't be afraid to give it a try, you will get to innovate and differentiate yourself from the competition!

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