What are the trends that define work today?

Nowadays the world of work is changing rapidly and in a short time new figures and new working areas have arisen. If you are a young student looking for future job opportunities or you simply want to know the latest labor trends in 2023, this article is right for you!


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Jobs in the world of social media

New jobs have arisen after the advent of social media and we are not just talking about influencers, but about all the employees who work in the world of social media, from those who manage the Instagram pages of different companies to those who deal with graphics.

The digital world is constantly evolving and, in a few years, new works or new developments of those works born now will arise. The social media manager is becoming one of the most requested jobs, but what exactly do they do? 

Usually this job is underestimated, in reality, social media managers have a lot of responsibility, as they deal with the image of a company.They maintain the social pages, responding to the comments of the followers, regularly posting interesting and attractive posts on various social media, and structuring the advertising campaigns and the various sponsors that the company obtains.

Another job that could be employed in social media but also (and sometimes above all) outside is the graphic designer, an expert who deals with animation, video and photo editing and the creation of advertising campaigns. In 2023 many people who work with social media or who simply publish content for passion, try to learn the basics of the graphic designer's work in order to edit their content for the web.

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Jobs with Artificial Intelligence

The world of artificial intelligence has grown enormously in recent years and computer engineers, mathematicians, web designers and many others are increasingly in demand. Behind every technology there is always a collaboration between several different working figures, but they all have one thing in common: information technology; whether it is at a cognitive level or at a working environment level, information technology is the basis of artificial intelligence, which is growing more and more and which requires new figures every day.

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Business world

Managing money is not always a simple matter and problems can always arise, especially if it is a very large income at a corporate or multinational level. An area that is not very new, but which in 2023 has become fundamental.

There are many jobs in this area, an example is digital marketing, connected to the social media jobs we talked about a moment ago; in fact, digital marketing deals with the study and analysis of how to use the various channels in order to reach new customers and to increase the sale and advertising of company products.

Like traditional marketing, digital marketing is also very important, in fact it allows a company to communicate with the right customers (the target) and to understand how to satisfy their requests through new products.

The business developer on the other hand, even if he could apparently take care of the same tasks, is dedicated to a purely financial aspect, thus managing the company's revenue and developing strategies to increase finances and expand into new markets.

“Green” jobs: towards environmental sustainability

It is very important to think about our future and especially about safeguarding our environment and many countries are investing in the future of this job. It is very important to think about our future and especially about safeguarding our environment and many countries are investing in the future of this job. Some secular jobs, such as architect and engineer, are developing and transforming to adapt to new green technologies and to change our society for a more sustainable world.

In this area we find the installers of photovoltaic solar systems, in fact many people decide to resort to sustainable energy consumption by installing these systems in their homes or businesses. In 2022 alone there was a 20% increase in worldwide installations compared to previous years, mainly because installation costs have halved.

Furthermore, many specialists are required for the analysis of the territory and energy, in order to understand how to apply these innovations in different countries, but also to work on the creation of new eco-sustainable products. Also, even the world of agriculture is changing to adapt to new environmental demands, in fact it is a question of using massive doses of new technologies, such as the digitization of processes, the Internet of Things, geolocation and Internet connection; all this to make the best use of the land available, increasing production while respecting the environment.


Ranking of the most requested jobs

The future of work seems to be based on the digital world (such as artificial intelligence and social media) and on eco-sustainability, but to get a clearer idea, let's see the ranking of the most requested jobs in 2023 according to Indeed: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/news/best-jobs-of-2023 

To summarize, the most requested areas could be engineering and information technology, economics and statistics, medicine, and law, especially for the privacy issue in the digital world.

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