10 Keys to be more productive as a freelancer

In remote jobs it is common to lose focus or concentration, so maintaining productivity tends to become a challenge; it is no secret that from-home distractions are greater, plus the fact of being in a comfortable and familiar environment increases this tendency.

For this reason, it is common for the recruiter during the job interview to ask you what tools you use as a freelancer to maintain productivity, that way they want to know if you will be a good addition to the team because despite working remotely, all agencies want their team to be effective during working hours. 


10 keys to being more productive as a Freelancer

The term productivity is subject to the needs of the agency you work for, but when it comes to remote work, productivity can become an enemy due to the worry of accomplishing tasks and the pressure to keep up with the freelancers on the team. 

At Alpha Solutions we are an agency that cares about the welfare of the work team, so today we want to guide you on the best way to become a more productive freelancer. 

Improve the quality of your rest

It seems contradictory, but it is proven that adequate rest increases the brain's ability to solve problems, it also improves team interaction, which is favorable for remote work. The standard of rest is 8 hours a day, to renew brain functions and thus, have a better performance as a freelancer, in addition to simultaneously improving your physical appearance.  


Freelancers who look exhausted in addition to having worse responses in their remote work performance, tend to be less considered by the recruiter, who through that simple observation can tell that this is a freelancer with poor time management. 

Write to improve your attention

Productivity goes hand in hand with attention, although freelancers are mostly used to digital tools, the human brain gets along very well with handwriting since information is processed better this way, increasing concentration and therefore, productivity. 

There is no need to write everything by hand, at Alpha Solutions we recommend our freelancers to take paper and pencil, or dedicate an agenda to write down the pending work, this way they will better focus their time on the most urgent and important tasks. 

Keeping distractions away from the workspace

Remote work offers the main disadvantage that being at home it is easy to get distracted, however, as a freelancer you have the power to control this, in no job, not even in face-to-face ones you are exempt from distractions, since most of them come from the internet, such as video games and social networks. 

Every remote work agency makes sure that freelancers have a suitable work environment, so the recruiter will ask you if you have headphones and if the work environment is conducive to concentration. Avoid noise at all costs and keep your work area at a suitable temperature.


Establish a work schedule

At Alpha Solutions we care about the compliance of working hours, usually, our freelancers are subject to office hours of the country where they work, however, not all remote jobs work the same way, and it is a common mistake to think that the freelancer to organize their time has more free hours. 

In fact, the only freedom of the freelancer is to choose what will be the hours of rest, because working remotely is not exempt from meeting the requirements of the agency or the work team, so you must make a schedule to work as part of the routine, that way the body gets used to that those hours are for work and not for leisure. 

Habits are the key to productivity

At a psychological level, it has been shown that the human brain takes 21 days to create a habit, so consistency is the key to a high rate of productivity as a freelancer, we know the temptation to work from home, but you must avoid at all costs to accumulate work, the ideal is to establish amounts of daily work to meet them in the pre-established time according to the previous point. 

To create habits in the work team, Alpha Solutions ensures that the recruiter establishes a trial period for the freelancer, and thus helps them adapt to remote work and ensure that they have optimal levels of productivity. 

Establish time to rest

A common mistake for freelancers is to sink into the work schedule, but despite having a routine, all team members need to do something other than work.  

Alpha Solutions is a modern agency that from time to time gets out of the routine and performs recreational activities with all team members, this has served not only to improve the interaction of freelancers but also to keep them motivated, improve their productivity level, and ensure talent retention, also in these events the recruiter always learns which are the potential freelancers who can be a positive addition to the team. 

Keep the focus on your health

Nothing is more important than being healthy, and working remotely can sometimes be exhausting, especially if you neglect mealtimes or don't have time to exercise.  

Productivity goes hand in hand with feeling good and being well nourished and full of endorphins from physical exercise will help you be more effective at work, making you an invaluable worker for the agency. 

Choose a workplace

Although freelancers usually work from home, you must also have a suitable space to perform your tasks, and that is always the same, remember that remote work requires the creation of habits and consistency; you cannot establish a habit if one day you work in the room and the other day in the living room.  

The biggest mistake you can make is to work in bed, this notoriously affects productivity. At Alpha Solutions we recommend our freelancers to have a desk at home to allocate working hours to that area. 


Use technology

Technology is extremely useful in remote work, many times the recruiter will ask you during the interview what tools you are familiar with, so it is necessary that you learn to use everything that modern technology puts in your favor to increase your productivity levels and with the work team.  

Every agency uses different tools, but the ones that are rarely missing are Excell and everything related to Office, ChatGPT, and other artificial intelligence services and communication channels such as Slack. 

Pomodoro Method

The Pomodoro method is a strategy that has gained popularity to manage time more efficiently and thus be more productive as a freelancer. It consists of taking short 5-minute breaks every 25 minutes of concentration. That way it is possible to complete tasks without wasting time and without ending up tired. 

We hope these tips that we have prepared from Alpha Solutions will help you to be more productive as a freelancer and help you to effectively manage a remote team, that way you can become an example for any freelancer agency, just make sure you have discipline and clear ideas about what you want to achieve.

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