What does it mean to be a designer?

Designers are professionals in charge of giving life to creative designs to communicate messages or ideas of a company or advertising, in order to attract the attention of those who look at them. It is an extremely important career in the modern world, but more and more people are wondering what is the role of these professionals, so today we will explain the designer’s responsibilities.

The task of the graphic designer extends beyond simply making drawings, through creativity and different visual ideas the graphic designer interprets the way people see the world, using art, colors, and motifs to be able to direct and focus their message properly. Let's discover what this profession is all about! 

Skills of a graphic designer


The graphic designer not only depends on creativity, he must be detail-oriented and also very organized; it is vital that he cultivates some skills so that the knowledge he learns in his training complements his abilities. Some of the skills they should develop are:

  • Ability to generate original ideas, which generate creative solutions.
  • Adequately handle colors, structures, and shapes to give life to harmonious designs.
  • Draw visual ideas in a clear and precise way.
  • Develop a critical eye when working, which allows observing graphic and audiovisual details.
  • To express oneself adequately in oral and written form.
  • To be able to work in a team
  • Handle different digital design programs

As you can see, designer responsibilities go beyond knowing how to draw, it is important to know how to express those visual ideas through knowledge and skills that will allow you to meet the requirements of customers, always with self-critical criteria to deliver the work with the highest quality.

What does a graphic designer do?

Designer responsibilities vary depending on the work done, ranging from the development of posters and logos to more complex multimedia projects such as creating magazine designs, brochures, personalized stationery, shirt designs and more.

Creativity is vital, because before printing the design or that order that will represent a corporate image or message, the graphic designer must study the audiovisual material and assess its feasibility, if it meets the message, if it is striking, easy to understand and remember. 

Therefore, this professional must have numerous skills in the use of computer and design programs, Internet, social networks and all the media that will allow him to make his content known.

Where do graphic designers work?

The list of places where a graphic designer can work is very wide, all companies need to communicate visual ideas, the designer uses creativity to achieve this, attract attention and accomplish the task, so they can easily work in printing presses, newspapers, television studios or in collaboration with community managers to manage all the publications of a social platform.

Because designer responsibilities consist of communicating visually and with creative ideas messages that manage to reach the public, they can work in television studios, film, digital media and any branch of the digital industry that allows them to develop their potential.

This is how the graphic designer can work as a web designer, illustrator, visual journalist or work privately in the industry, as a freelance, looking for their own clients and fulfilling various orders.


Frequently asked questions about what it means to be a designer

The responsibilities of the designer generate doubts among those interested, it is a profession widely sought after, but surrounded by many myths that we want to clarify. 

Is it a new career?

No. Graphic design dates back thousands of years, since the Egyptians used to make hieroglyphics on their walls, but it was only at the end of the 19th century that it started to become popular as a career.

Do I have to know how to draw to be a designer?

Definitely not; although it is useful, it is not a mandatory requirement, also during the career you will be shown techniques that will allow you to develop this skill, in case you do not get it, you can work with designs that do not involve illustrations. You must know in which area of design your creativity reaches its maximum and you perform better.

Is it a quiet job with no pressure?

Not really, all jobs have a certain level of pressure; it's not about spending all day drawing on the computer. Depending on the place of work, it is a busy job, which requires discipline, creativity and a lot of organization, as well as being able to withstand the criticism of the most demanding clients, until the objective of the work is achieved satisfactorily.

You will face demands that will make you work on the same design over and over again, so it requires perseverance and agility to be able to offer different options, until you find the best audiovisual alternative.

No contact with people?

It is a very common doubt, designer responsibilities include human interaction, respond to bosses, colleagues and clients who will explain what they want with their projects, so you must understand them and transform their thoughts into visual ideas that are creative and ingenious.

Interpersonal relationships and communication skills are essential in almost every job, so if you set out to develop them, you will gain useful benefits in virtually any area of work.

Do designers make a lot of money?

As in any job, earnings are relative. At the beginning your income will depend on your experience, but as you stand out and build a good portfolio, you will be able to apply for better paying jobs and get bigger clients. 

There is no set time to reach a certain level, everything will depend on the connections you make and the quality of the work you do. It will be of great help to maintain good relationships with clients, so that they recommend your skills and you can expand.


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