Is community manager a good job?

In the middle of 2023, more and more people are betting on 100% remote jobs, and the job of community manager is one of the best paid and allows maximum freedom in terms of schedules, so it is currently one of the most chosen jobs. Although it was boosted since 2020 by the coronavirus pandemic, it is now an irreversible trend, all institutions, companies or individuals need to be on social media, otherwise, they do not exist.

It is for this reason that the management of social media and content creation has become so essential, so being a community manager is an excellent option to work from home, reach a good audience and improve your income.

What does a community manager do?

Unlike what many believe, the work of a community manager is very complex, it is not easy to grow an audience and generate a brand community, especially in this modern world where there are multiple skills and options in social media.  


A good community manager profile, combined with a good training will help you position yourself as an excellent professional in this field. The work of the CM must integrate:

  • Designing strategies for content creation and audience growth.
  • Manage communities, attract people and make them stay.
  • Evaluate and manage processes and projects, since it is a work of constant growth.
  • Customer service, the public always has doubts that must be resolved
  • Make use of the appropriate digital tools, both for design and to make yourself known.
  • Web analytics and SEO that allows you to position the profile of social media to have more reach.
  • Copywriting, since content creation includes the audiovisual and written part.

How to become a Community Manager?

To become a good community manager you will not only need knowledge about social media, it is necessary to have certain skills and experience in the profession that allows you to create a brand community that benefits the company you represent.

You can study a professional training degree or master's degree that allows you to acquire credentials, as they will usually be requested to verify your training on the job, you should also complement this with good CM practices in your professional profile, that your social media become your portfolio, you will also add the extra to publicize your influence in social media and the audience you are able to reach.

How much does a Community Manager earn?

The earnings of the community manager will depend on their capabilities, responsibilities, scope and the company they work for. It should be noted that the community manager is not a person who simply manages social media, but makes use of strategies and content creation to generate a brand community with sufficient growth to get benefits to the company that is represented in that digital portal.

The salary range can go from 15 to 30 thousand dollars per year. However, it is not an established or fixed figure, as it will always depend on the rank of the company for which you work, and your level of experience.


Skills that a community manager must have

The work of the community manager cannot and should not be underestimated, their impact on the audience and on social media is the basis for the success of many companies; they are often confused as an Instagram manager, but nothing could be further from the truth. The CM is the digital voice of the company, represents its public presence and identity to society, so it must comply with basic skills and techniques such as: 

  • Monitoring and active listening
  • Measurement and reporting of account statistics
  • Deep knowledge of social media, operation and algorithms.
  • Content editing and blogging skills
  • Handle design tools to offer a comprehensive community manager service.
  • Ability to dynamize the public and create a branded community
  • Marketing, SEO and SEM
  • Handling of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads

The ideal community manager

Beyond the job skills with which the CM must comply, there are certain characteristics that will allow him or her to be the ideal worker in his or her environment. Discover them below.

Empathy and communication

These two aspects are critical in social media, especially now that the audience is more connected and more sensitive; so to manage a brand community you must have that touch of empathy and use the right words in each wording for the public to identify, always avoiding creating controversy and generating offenses. 

The community manager must have the ability to offer through the social network profile an empathetic image, which serves to offer solutions to the needs of the audience.


Knowing how to moderate

Another of the characteristics of the community manager is leadership, he/she must be someone with the ability to moderate. No company wants to hire an angry or impulsive community manager capable of transmitting negative responses and messages to users on social media. The CM must know how to put an end to conflicts, never intensify them, therefore, you must become a worker who pursues the solution and not enhance the problems.


In the management of social media as a community manager is not enough content creation, this job requires total dedication to the project, especially when building a community from scratch, you can never completely disconnect from work, because it will be a social networking profile that will require management at any time of the day.

Is it worth being a community manager?

The answer is yes. You will only have to orient your profession to the fulfillment of the objectives; if you enjoy connecting with the audience, always have your smartphone at hand, have empathy and know how to properly communicate ideas, then this job is ideal for you.

The CM has the opportunity to grow a brand community in the digital environment, notoriously influencing the perception that the audience has about the company, so it is vital that in the process quality actions are taken keeping in mind the needs of consumers or customers and keeping the balance according to the interests of the company.

Do not hesitate to give this profession a chance to publicize different brands, products or personalities, remember that you must be able to involve the audience and convince them of the usefulness and importance of the brand you represent.

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