How can administrative assistants be more resourceful?

Administrative assistants are currently highly sought-after freelance professionals, especially in larger companies, since management positions require support to perform various tasks that virtual assistants will oversee.

The administrative assistant not only assists but has the potential to become the right hand of the employer and be a key piece for the growth of the company, as it is responsible not only to support the decisions of his boss but also to manage resources, detect and seize opportunities and be the impetus that the company needs to achieve the goals. 

Did you just get a job as an administrative assistant and want to become more efficient in this area? Don't miss this section where we will show you valuable information to help you reach your professional goals as a virtual assistant. 


What is an administrative assistant?

Administrative assistants, sometimes known as virtual assistants if they perform their work digitally as freelancers, are responsible for performing various functions within a company, some of them include the storage of information, organization and administration of resources, coordination and planning of objectives and even intervene in the improvement of other processes such as telephone customer service for the company's customers. 

One of the most important aspects of virtual assistants is professional training, that knowledge that will allow them to grow in their work area, so they must be related to the business field in which they work, however, handling additional resources such as computer science and artificial intelligence will always be tools that add points in favor of your CV. 

Tips to stand out as an administrative assistant

Administrative assistants are the core of any organization, they are the employees who work most closely with the company's management leaders, so their work, support, and opinion represent the sum of numerous resources that will allow the company to achieve the goals and reach the top of the business. If you want to be part of the best virtual assistants in the world, these tips will be useful.  

Keep your priorities straight

One of the remote jobs you should try this year is that of a virtual assistant, although much of the work is based on managing the organization and resources of another person, it is an interesting job to represent a challenge not only for your organization because you will have to take care of a third party.  

This is why you will have to establish an order of priorities to be able to better apply your professional criteria and not let opportunities that are favorable for the company pass you by. This will help you to allocate a specific time for each task, not to forget any responsibility, and to better manage your work time. 


Do not postpone any task

The main enemy of administrative assistants is procrastination; virtual assistants must be able to handle tasks quickly, and no matter how tempting it may be to leave something for later, they cannot fall into this serious mistake that will lead to the accumulation of work and waste of time and resources.

The most ingenious administrative assistants carry with them a physical or virtual agenda that will serve them to make a checklist of tasks, take notes, and not lose any detail, thus ensuring the fulfillment of the work within previously estimated periods.  

That way your boss will notice the commitment and efficiency regarding the fulfillment of the objectives, so you will become an essential gear for the operation of the company, and you will notice how opportunities for professional growth within the company appear. 

Maintain effective communication with your boss

To keep your freedom to work and maintain the trust of your boss it is necessary to establish a communication channel that serves to let him know what you are doing, how you manage resources, the opportunities you have taken advantage of, and the progress you have achieved among the obstacles, that way your boss will notice the value of your work and will be up to date with the projects to work on. 

The easiest way to do this is through a shared Excel file in the cloud so that it updates automatically and uses color-coded prioritization for each task. This initiative will not only denote your resourcefulness but will also make it known that you respect your boss and are committed to achieving goals by working as a team. 


Know your boss's work preferences

Virtual assistants must perform their work correctly, but do it according to the way their bosses work, so you must know how your employer performs his functions, for example, if he prefers important meetings at the beginning of the day or the end of it; if he prefers all meetings on the same day or distributes them during the month or week. 

These are small details that will make the difference between administrative assistants and will lead you to success by achieving little by little your work goals in the company by doing an impeccable job. 

What are the skills that an administrative assistant should have?


Do not miss the job opportunities that 2024 brings for you, and develop your professional skills to be part of the best virtual assistants worldwide, remember that administrative assistants are essential in all companies, so there will always be a job available, they are also irreplaceable when it comes to managing the resources of the company, however, there are other skills that administrative assistants must have, such as: 

  • Patience and good communication skills 
  • Planning, organization, and creativity 
  • Good social skills and the ability to work as part of a team. 
  • Excellent spelling and customer service skills to generate good business relationships. 
  • Responsibility and professional vocabulary 
  • Basic computer skills 

Although the work of virtual assistants is demanding, it is a job in which you can evolve if you know how to take advantage of the resources that the company offers you. At Alpha Solutions we have a wide range of freelancers well-trained to provide telephone and general customer service via email and other means of communication in different languages.  

We take remote work seriously and hire staff who are adequately trained and motivated to perform this type of job function. We hope these tips have been useful to help you stand out as an administrative assistant and better master each area of your work. Keep an eye out for freelance job opportunities, and be dynamic and proactive!

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