Everything you need to know about Super Apps

The concept of Super Apps has its origin in China, especially due to the powerful consumption habits of that population, being able to find in this technology an unparalleled ally to be able to gather in a single application, on a single platform all possible digital services to improve the user experience through a single convenient and easy to use interface.

In USA and Europe they are usually presented as All in one services, a single platform where you can enjoy various services, so it will not be necessary to install numerous applications on your smartphone, thus representing a space saving on your devices, which represents an interesting development since the average user has on his smartphone about 35 applications. If you want to learn more about Super Apps, do not miss our analysis on the subject.


What are Super Apps?

The concept of Super Apps goes hand in hand with the number of applications or digital services that a user uses on average for communication, shopping, streaming, entertainment, finance and many other activities. Imagine going from having 30 applications on your smartphone to having just 1, a Super App that encompasses or brings together all the functions you need, in one place.

From the super Apps you will be able to perform different tasks without having to go to the app store to download specific apps for it. You won't have to leave the tool either, since everything will be included in it, which is not only an advantage for your device's storage, but also speeds up any activity you carry out. 

The Origin of Super Apps

Super Apps were born in China and their use quickly spread throughout Asia, USA and Europe, consolidating without limitations worldwide. China developed them as a solution to the problems of virtual consumption of users, who required numerous applications, and now with the Super Apps can enjoy better digital services with efficient responses to their requests. 

From the beginning, Super Apps have been well received around the world, because they not only allow users to have more storage on their devices, but also help them to have an agile and simple virtual experience, with greater protection of personal data by having an app with a lower learning curve by having everything centralized on one platform.


The success of Super Apps in Asia and USA

China and the USA are high-flow countries in every sense, in both territories everything happens in a hurry at a technological level with the community of users, who usually do everything with their smartphones, from simple tasks like ordering food, to buying a car or working from the mobile, and therein lies the success of this new technology, they do not have to leave the platform to perform all these tasks. 

The triumph of Super Apps is also because in these countries the smartphone market is larger than in any other area of the world, and in the process eliminates the problem of limited storage by no longer having to download several applications because everything is in one place: Super Apps. 


Main features of Super Apps

Despite the widespread use of Super Apps globally, there are still many doubts about it, especially in Europe and Latin America, so it is important to know the main features of these powerful tools:


Super Apps are very secure digital services, capable of protecting your data through stronger security capabilities because they integrate the functions of several apps into one, so developers have focused on protecting all types of data. 

Easy to use

Super Apps are intuitive platforms, designed to make the user feel comfortable within it, so they do not feel the need to leave the app, because the purpose of it is that they can do absolutely everything within it, thus reducing the stress that multitasking generates. 

Practically without limits

A relevant feature of Super Apps is that they use scalable digital services, that is, it is always possible to increase the number of services offered based on consumer needs. 

They do not take up so much storage space

To the surprise of many, despite being such complete applications, Super Apps are not heavy, so they do not negatively impact in any aspect the operation or performance of your smartphone.


If you want to try this new technology that is positioned as a permanent tool in the future, you can start with these two Super Apps:


WeChat is more than just a messaging app, as it also allows you to make purchases, pay bills and stay in touch with a community of users of your choice. It is one of the most successful Super Apps in China with more than one billion active users. 

With virtually no limitations, from WeChat you can send and receive money, buy movie tickets, buy food, airline tickets, buses, pay for cabs and much more. 


It is a super App affiliated with Alibaba, one of the largest e-commerce apps. AliPay as a super app has gone from being just a wallet to become the preferred application in China to buy and pay for products and services in stores, restaurants and all kinds of establishments you can imagine. 

It also offers discount coupons and can share opinions and recommendations among users by providing an excellent platform for reviews and communication among friends.


The Future of Super Apps

What began in China as a response to a collective need to facilitate the use of digital services has had a positive reception worldwide, so it is expected that by 2027 50% of users will use Super Apps; it is also expected a huge growth in terms of potential, as these applications continue to evolve to provide users with new features. 

In Latin America there are already advances regarding the use of Super Apps, there are more and more applications with digital ecosystems that allow access to primary services incorporated into the same platform, however, its growth has not been scalable in the USA or Europe due to the regulations that must be overcome to offer their services to the Latin American population. 

Super Apps represent a virtual revolution that Alpha Solutions hopes to be part of, always achieving improvements that allow us to provide our clients with the best options and platforms, achieve excellent communication to acquire and offer products and services and guarantee the security of financial operations. 

We do more and more things with our cell phones, wouldn't it be easier to do everything from a single App? Open your mind to the universe of Super Apps!

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