E-commerce vs Startup: Which business model is better?

In this modern era in which we live the level of information available to us is often so massive that we enter a cycle of misinformation due to the overwhelming amount of data available; it is in these cases where doubts arise about basic concepts such as E-commerce and startup, which are essential when choosing a business model, or simply satiate a little curiosity about these technicalities. Whatever your motivation, you have come to the right place.

What is a Startup?

A startup is simply a company whose base is technology, usually an idea with the potential to activate innovation to adapt its business proposals and solutions to the real problems of customers or a community of users.


This business model tends to define the target audience by experimenting, through a series of steps that allow to test and correct, to always adapt products or services to very specific needs of specific customers. 

A simple way to recognize a startup is at the beginning, most of them start with little funding, they are born with an idea and the illusion of success, so if you are looking for a business model that doesn’t need many resources to grow, and you plan to improve it along the way, this will be an excellent choice because it is introduced quickly in the market and there are always early adopters willing to provide feedback.

Characteristics of a Startup

Any business is created with the goal of success, and a startup has all the potential for it, because in 99% of the cases they sell various products or services that the modern user needs and that can be acquired through the internet, or in the cloud. 

The business model used by startups is scalable. This is a business typology that is gaining momentum in 2023. The modern business structure requires operations with minimum expenses, in addition to maintaining continuous communication with customers and having the potential to massify sales; all this is possible with a startup.

Importance of startups

In general, a startup is backed by online businesses designed to simplify any work or daily life process, always looking for the user or customer to have zero complicated experience. Currently, this business represents the best way to innovate and design web processes, always having in favor the venture capital companies that decide to bet on the idea.


It is vital that any startup differs from small and medium-sized companies, as the latter have limited human resources and a limited volume of business; while in a startup it is easier to find young people as it is an emerging organization; they also use state-of-the-art technology, which provides a highly competitive value.

The reach of a startup is also greater when focusing on a global level, as SMEs tend to stay in the local or national market; and finally, they are businesses that have all the potential to increase their size and massify revenues in a short time.

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce is the digital manifestation of a physical store; its main difference with a startup is that it does not depend on an idea, but on a product, which must be tangible, palpable, desirable and necessary, only on the digital side.  


An example is simple if we consider an online store that sells software, infographics, video games or simply a well-positioned page that recommends third-party products based on quality content.

How to start E-commerce?

If you want to start with an E-commerce the steps are simple, you must identify the market you want to focus on, once that is done, you can start:

  • Make an action plan that allows you to attract and retain customers in a market, for this make use of digital marketing.
  • Develop the logistics of the product, and make dropshipping your main ally, it is about getting a supplier capable of handling all the logistics.
  • Ensure a returns policy, as well as good customer service; keeping the user community satisfied will add additional value to your brand.

Basically, E-commerce is represented by the purchase, sale, distribution, and marketing of products or services online. Why are they a good business option? Because the digital market never closes, that is, all customers can access your products and services at any time, regardless of holidays.

Types of E-commerce

When deciding on this business model, it is important to consider the types of E-commerce in which you can venture

  • Business to consumer: Companies that sell to general customers.
  • Business to business: Companies that do business with other similar companies.
  • Business to government: These are companies that do business with government institutions.
  • Consumer to consumer: It’s the type of E-commerce where consumers make use of a platform to buy and sell among themselves.

Advantages of E-commerce

  • Allows you to successfully expand your customer base, greatly expanding your market.
  • It is possible to maintain a sales schedule 24 hours a day, all year round.
  • Adds a competitive advantage to any product or service
  • Ensures cost reductions in production, administration, personnel and capital costs

Disadvantages of E-commerce

  • The main disadvantages of E-commerce essentially affect customers, some of them are:
  • The impossibility to test the products
  • The fear of fraud, however, there are several payment methods that allow to increase confidence.
  • For companies, it is a business that presents a lot of competition, since almost all niches are saturated, leaving success mostly in the hands of a good marketing strategy.

Despite its disadvantages, E-commerce continues to grow and will continue to do so in the coming years; the Internet is positioned as the most effective sales channel in the long term, so a business thought in the future takes place thanks to E-commerce.

From a general point of view, the differences between a startup and an E-commerce as business models are minimal, everything is in what you want to achieve. But in any case, if you want to broaden your horizons, grow, share, and improve your income and professional training, you should get to know Alpha Solutions.

It is a modern company that offers numerous opportunities for freelancers, in a smart way, you can improve your income and start making a living selling product through E-commerce, or you can simply be part of the young employees with fresh ideas that a startup needs. Here at Alpha Solutions, you can get it all!

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