10 Important Customer Service Duties and Responsibilities

One of the necessary elements that an agency must have it’s a customer service and of course, to guarantee an excellent customer satisfaction, it must have some characteristics that will bring your agency to the success. Here are 10 important customer duties and responsibilities that will help you create or improve a good relationship between you and your customers.

1. Empathy

We all know that any client, especially if they have a huge difficulty, needs a person that helps them and responds to any question, that’s why you need some customer service representatives that have
experience with people. We are not talking about experience with the job, because anyone can learn any type of job, we are talking about customers, more precisely people in general: the keyword here is “empathy”, a good employee in this sector should be an empathic person, who knows how to handle people, even if they are furious, and to understand their feelings and thoughts even if the customer is wrong. Any client should feel understood and should be helped without feeling disrespected or excluded

2. Patience

We are all different, that’s why to guarantee all customers’ satisfactions an employee must know how to speak to any person and for that reason another good quality is patience, which gets along well with empathy. Some customers may be furious and treat employees with disrespect, but the job of a good customer service is to calm down the client and have patience during the solving of the problem.

Only when the employee has a calm voice and assures the customer, the problem will be solved and the customer will be satisfied. Not only the employee must remain calm, but he also
must use words of reassurance, thanking the customer and being friendly with him. An employee that doesn’t know how to handle stressful situations and impatient customers won’t help in the customer service and will make your agency loose many clients.


3. Communication

Another characteristic of an employer requirements and responsibilities is having a service that knows how to communicate. Any person should always think about the fact that a customer needs support because he doesn’t know how to solve a problem, so the service must be clear and exhaustive. When solving a problem the client must know every step, even if he doesn’t have to do anything directly, and be informed about the problem and its solution, with of course any kind of explanation and reason.

4. Knowledge

Of course, the employees must be prepared to solve any problem so an important aspect is to hire prepared people or at least have an initial course so new employees can study and be prepared to solve any kind of problem. I suggest updating periodically your employees with new courses, to be kept always in touch with all the new services of your agency.

It will be better to supplement these courses with tests, combine these courses with theory but above all practical tests, to see both new and current employees at work. In order to avoid any incomprehension and to be a good agency, any new employee should have the opportunity to candidate for the job and the best way to choose the perfect employee for your customer service is to test them directly.

5. Contacts

Time is precious, so every step of the customer service should be easy and fast for any person, from the most to the less expert with technology, that’s why every site on internet that is related to your agency must have at least a contact for your customer service. Your contacts should be easy to find, for example when someone searches it on the internet the first thing that must appear is the phone number or the email of your customer service, best if you have both options. Some people don’t like or don’t have time to speak on the phone, so the option of the email is perfect for them. Also, the contacts must be in every corner of your agency page and your social media profiles.


6. Feedback

After the problem is solved, the ideal is to send an email or a message to the customer, so he can evaluate the experience. This is also one of the employer requirements and responsibilities, because
only his clients can evaluate the preparation and efficiency of his employees. That’s the perfect way to see if your employees had made a great service for your clients.

The survey sent to the client must be short, with questions regarding the employee, if he was polite and efficient, if he solved the problem and how many stars or points, he would rate the employee. Also, a blank space is ideal to let the customer suggest improvements of the customer service that don’t include the employees, for example your website.

7. Real humans

Customers need people that can interact with and who can solve their problems on the spot. It would be better if your customer service doesn’t include robots or sections of “frequent questions” where people are redirected to useless pages that don’t solve their problem.

8. Teamwork

Your customer service representative must work efficiently, but in order to do that the employer must create a good environment and try to make the team work good and happily together. The employees should get along, communicate, and help each other.

9. Social media

Nowadays social medias are more efficient, and people always use them, that’s why the customer service must be available also on the agency profiles, for example responding on chats, or at least have the contacts on the first page.

10. Organization

Everything must be strong and related as a chain, so the employees must be organized as also the system. Every component should know other employees’ specialization and be prepared to send the customer’s call to the best expert who is the most suitable to meet the customer's requests.

Alpha Solutions

An example of how the perfect customer service should be is Alpha Solutions. Their response is efficient and fast, they are able to solve any problem or request and they are easy to find and contact on the website as also on their social media profiles.

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