5 keys to be a good recruiter

Within any company the role of the recruiter is crucial, it is an essential figure whose role is to look for human talent and incorporate it into the work team; much of the progress of a company will depend on the service of the recruiter, as he is responsible for shaping the work groups so that they can work efficiently on a project. Do you want to know more about it? Don't miss the valuable information we will offer you.

What is a recruiter?

A recruiter is the professional in charge of looking for talents or employees for a company. His main task is to fill vacancies in the different job positions, but always making sure that the addition of personnel represents an advantage for the work team and the different projects to be executed in the company in the short, medium, and long term. 


In his work, the recruiter initially draws up a list of candidates, filtering this list more and more, leaving only those people with the best skills and who would offer the best service within the company. 

The recruiter is an essential part of the work team within the company, being a key piece for human resources, with the advantage that, if in your company there is no professional capable of offering this recruitment service, you can easily hire an external recruiter specialized in the subject. 

Types of recruiters

As in any area, there are variations of each figure, and the work of the recruiter is not exempt from this, so you will find the following types of recruiters: 

External recruiter

It can be a professional or a company that provides a service through an employee in charge of finding talent and recruiting personnel for your company, always oriented to specific projects to ensure that the talent acquired is an integral part of the company's growth. 

Internal recruiter

This is the recruiter who belongs to the company's human resources team; he/she is in charge of looking for personnel to fill the vacancies in the organization; being part of the company, they have a broader and more specific vision of the type of employee needed for each of the projects. 

Chief Recruiter

It is a recruiter model that occupies a position of high importance in the company, such as the manager, with an elaborate professional profile that ensures an impeccable recruitment service, acquiring human talent capable of moving forward with the different projects of the company. 


5 keys to be a good recruiter

Now that you know a little more about what it means to be a talent recruiter in a company, we are going to show you some key tips for you to become a fundamental recruiter that offers an unparalleled service when it comes to hiring personnel, with excellent long-term results that derive in the increase of business productivity and even boost the talent of the staff. 

Learn how to access the best candidates

The recruiter has the important task of finding employees who fit the team in order to efficiently fulfill the company's projects, this can only be achieved if you know how to move in the environment, look for candidates, and not wait for them to arrive looking for work; you must train in social recruiting, which is basically looking for talent through digital platforms, or do it in person at events and other workplaces.  

Study each vacancy to perfection

The only way to be a good recruiter is to know perfectly what the company is looking for, it is not just about taking a vacancy, but ensuring that the employee you place there is able to meet the requirements and respond adequately to what is expected of him with the work team and the different projects of the organization.

Use demanding selection methods

Nowadays there are numerous candidates very well qualified for modern projects of a company, with impeccable work service, so sometimes the choice between one candidate and another can be complicated, so you can rely on technological tools such as recruitment software, which help automate the process and pay detailed attention to the differences between each candidate. 

Never forget the corporate culture

As a recruiter it is essential to know the company's projects, the mission of the organization, and what it wants to transmit with its services; ask for the company's organization chart and you will be able to structure your recruitment service better. Remember that it is essential that the person you add to the team must fit with the company's values. 


Focus on talent retention and soft skills

The service of a recruiter goes far beyond filling a vacancy since it is the recruiter who has the first contact with that future member of the work team, so he/she must identify in the candidate valuable skills such as communication, leadership, working under pressure and conflict resolution skills, which are always valuable qualities for the fulfillment of a company's projects. 

These soft skills such as empathy and adaptability will allow selecting the candidate that best fits the company's culture and the work team according to the expected need of the available vacancy. 

Likewise, it is necessary for the recruiter during the hiring process to discover the candidates' intentions, if they visualize themselves in the future in the company, since the idea of a successful recruitment of personnel is to retain talent. 


What should a recruiter look for?

Being a recruiter is not an easy task, in your hands lies the responsibility of the proper fulfillment of the projects of a company, because you are the one who assembles the work teams, so your service is essential in all aspects. 

As a recruiter you must closely analyze the aptitudes of the candidates, filter them, and keep the talent that you consider will be the best acquisition for the vacancy. HR agencies such as Alpha Solutions offer impeccable recruitment services to streamline the process and secure the best talent for your company, making the job of the HR team much easier. 

Finally, the last piece of advice as a recruiter, is that if you want to be efficient it is necessary to keep your focus on three aspects: Company, vacancy, and applicant, that way you will achieve the perfect balance to achieve a successful recruitment that fits the requirements of the organization, and additionally, if you are a recruiter with leadership, good communication and emotional intelligence, you will see how your work is enhanced.

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